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About Reliance : Providing Opportunities to Ensure Financial Health

By studying the preferences of the investors and analysing their requirements Reliance Mutual Fund aims to produce the strategies for building such portfolios which aim to generate reasonable returns. MySIPonline and Reliance Mutual Funds have collaborated to bring technology and investment products together to let the investors make a smart and suitable buy of the top-performing mutual funds in India. By emphasizing on the customer care and becoming a global leader, Reliance has matched its mission to create happy investors across the globe with that of ours and we are intending toward establishing the network where investors would be able to find the right path to reach their goals.

Our Techniques & Methodologies for Fund Selection

The alliance of technology, expertise, and passion altogether intends to strategise the perfect investment methodology backed by highly-experienced research department that works in association with Reliance Mutual Funds. They aim to bring out the best recommendations as per the financial goals of the investors while keeping their requirements and the performance of Reliance Funds in mind to draw a perfect solution.

Financial Planners to Make Sure You Reach Your Goals

While following a dynamic and typical screening process, we discuss our clients’ needs, and evaluate their current financial status to formulate a sophisticated mutual fund investment plan for them. Our financial planners are associated with the research department and get regularly updated with the market trends to grasp the best opportunity and implementing the same in making the perfect and most suitable investment plan.

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Researchers Following Innovative and Reliable Philosophy

We are intended to investigate and do research to take care of your finances, so that you can spend your life with financial independence. Any financial plan can be successful only if it is backed up by deeply analysed and well-evaluated market research strategies. Our researchers do exactly the same by forecasting the upcoming market trends with their quantitative techniques to assist the financial planners in designing foolproof investment plans. They remain in direct touch with the research cell of Reliance Mutual Fund to follow adequate procedure of researching. We do it in a very simple way!

Keeping a Track on the Funds’ Valuations
This procedure is initiated with regular evaluation of the schemes of Reliance Mutual Fund in order to examine their proficiency of generating the expected returns within time.

Using Quantitative Tools for Risk Managementisk
We aim to match the risk appetite of the investors with that of the funds so that their investments don’t face losses. For that, we do thorough analysis of the risk appetite of the funds.

Analysing the Funds’ Portfolio on the Basis of Qualityaluating
Portfolio concentration is the actual basis of a fund’s performance and that’s what we surely analyse. Our team keeps a regular check on the individual volatility factors of the holdings in the portfolio so as to measure the returns that would be fetched by the scheme.

Evaluating Fund Managers’ Strategies to Design the Schemes
Every fund manager has their specific strategical technique to design the funds’ portfolio as per the investment objective. We directly get updated with the strategies followed by Reliance Mutual Fund to evaluate their fundamentals with tools that help us in gaining the actual essence of the schemes

Our Association with Reliance Mutual Fund

To build the future of the investors worldwide, we are teamed with Reliance Mutual Fund. We take care of your dreams by providing you with the automated investing solutions and smart investments in the best schemes of Reliance Mutual Fund. In association with one of the leading AMCs in India, we are empowering the investors to create riches with the technically advanced and resourced mutual fund investment solutions.

Exceptional Award-Winning Services

We are recognised by the industry experts for providing the customised investment plans from Reliance Mutual Fund and comprehensive wealth management services. We have proved that hard work combined with persistence and better advice pay off, and that is why we have overcome the challenges and reached a level of success in the industry.

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