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About ICICI Meeting Clients’ Expectations in a Strategic Manner

ICICI Prudential Mutual Fund has been a constant winner in the mutual fund industry in terms of providing the customised investment solutions to help the investors achieve their financial objectives. It has been on the forefront of innovation and with its high-tech strategic team of planners introduced products aligned to meet customer needs. Among thousands of schemes from ICICI Mutual Fund, investing in the best fund has now become easier. Our analysis division is framing procedures and strategies to make your investment journey successful. With the experts working in collaboration, the expectations of clients are thoroughly analysed to schedule the plans for their goal accomplishment.

Our Modus Operandi in Research and Analysis

To make your investing voyage a smooth experience, we have adopted research and analysis methodologies which are prompted to produce the unmatched investment solutions after undergoing a process of strategical scrutiny to find the best funds from ICICI Prudential Mutual Funds.

Team of Analysts Aimed to Develop Financial Plans

Planning is just the beginning which has to be certain to achieve the end goals. Our analysts evaluate your requirements, tenure, and other factors to gain understanding of your financial picture & build a well-researched financial plan for your goals. After going through the screening process the planners design strategies to make a route towards achieving the investment objectives. The entire procedure is based on your financial status, investment needs & expectations, and works in collaboration with the core researchers to deliver a perfect investment plan.

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Core Researchers Focusing on Market Moves

The markets are to be tracked regularly so as to grab the best opportunity. Our researchers are indulged in screening various market trends to bring out the best solution for fund selection of one’s portfolio. Our core research team measures market tactics and understands the strategies of various instruments in association with the strategic team of ICICI Mutual Funds in the following manner to make an effective recommendation:

  • Trailing the Performance of Funds: We review the performance of various schemes of ICICI Mutual Funds to analyse their returns’ potential in different market scenarios on a regular basis.
  • Analysing Measuring Risk Factors : We measure and evaluate the risk appetite of the schemes to bring out the plans that suit your risk profile to the fullest.
  • Evaluating Portfolio of the Fund : The asset allocation has the major role in a fund’s performance. Our research team analyses the asset allotment figures of the schemes and measure the individual risk appetite of every holding so as to confirm the growth opportunities.
  • Reviewing Fund Managers’ Methodologies : Our research team has an expertise in evaluating the market trends, and it keeps on analysing the strategies of the fund manager to make advance screening of the funds before recommending them to the investors.

Our Association with ICICI Prudential Mutual Fund

To feature the best recommendations of the mutual fund schemes and provide the best digitalised investing solutions altogether, MySIPonline and ICICI Prudential Mutual Funds have partnered. Our association is investor-centric, and we aim to build ready-made investing solutions for all your different goals with the best mutual funds in India. We have moved towards changing the game when it comes to easy investments with our instant digital solutions. Our collaboration is intended to bring out the best solution for the investors.

Our team of researchers and planners stays in touch regularly to remain updated with the investment procedures adopted by ICICI Mutual Funds so as to develop a sophisticated investment plan for the needs of the investors.

Exceptional Award-Winning Services

Our commitment to excellence has been recognised by the industry experts including ICICI Mutual Funds. Technically advanced features and wealth-building solutions are integrated by the technicians who are experts in providing the customer-oriented investing solutions. The technology-driven innovations for investing in mutual funds have lead us towards success.


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