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About Birla : Mapping the Clients’ Needs with Techniques That Never Fail

With the mission to pursue investors’ wealth maximisation, Aditya Birla Sun Life Mutual Fund aims to become a role model and leader in the integrated financial services business. By following a long-term, fundamental approach to investments, they are intended to identify companies with excellent growth prospects and strong fundamentals for the purpose of providing the most sophisticated investment schemes to the investors. Picking the right fund from the list of thousands of schemes of Birla Sun Life Mutual Fund is indeed a tough job. But our research and analytical team is no far from that. Buying the Aditya Birla Sun Life Mutual Funds at MySIPonline would mean that the funds you invest in have gone through an enriched process of fund management by the industry experts in collaboration with the research team of Birla Sun Life AMC.

Our Research : Methodologies

The wide range of schemes across different asset classes offered by Birla Mutual Fund have a solution for all the investors. The fund recommendation strategies adopted by our financial experts aim at picking up the optimal mutual fund scheme for the investors so that they do not compromise on fetching the desired returns for their future goals.

Team of Financial Planners Formulating Strategic Financial Plans

The prime focus of our financial planning department is to concentrate on the clients’ requirements to create tactics and solutions that result in what they desire. Screening is the major task while dealing with clients and our team is expert in doing that. We connect with our clients directly, and by evaluating their financial status, income resources, investment goals and tenure, we build up a tailored financial plan with the use of deliberated process of financial planning.

Core Research Team Which Focuses on Market Tactics

Financial planning is just one step; our research team is the essence of building strong recommendations for the investors once the plans are set. Our research team is directly in touch with the research & the development department of Aditya Birla Sun Life Mutual Funds to get regular updates of their market strategies that they use to build up plans. We work in collaboration with them to produce the customer-centric solutions for all their financial needs. The core researchers focus on the following factors:

Tracking Fund’s Performance
Reviewing the performance of the schemes to analyse their returns’ potential in the different market scenarios on a regular basis

Risk Analysis and Measurement-
Measuring the risk factors of the schemes to bring out the plans that suit your risk appetite to the fullest

Evaluating Assets & Holdings of the Fund
Analysing the portfolio concentration of the scheme by measuring the volatility factors of the individual stock holding, what trends they visualise when the market fluctuates, and the performance of the holdings of the portfolio in detail

Scrutinising Fund Managers’ Strategies
Our research team has a vast knowledge of the market trends, and they evaluate the strategies of the fund manager and make advance screening of the funds before recommending them to the investors

Our Association with Aditya Birla Sun Life Mutual Funds

We are teamed to safeguard your assets and offer riches. We believe, working in collaboration is the key to success. MySIPonline and Birla SunLife Mutual Fund are in the partnership with the motive to provide investors with the best of what they have never expected. We tend to break the gap between savings and investments by providing the robotic management and technically advanced online solutions in a completely paperless manner. The financial growth of investors is our mission, and we tend to let them create wealth with the outperforming mutual fund plans of Birla Sun Life Mutual Fund. We are teamed to enhance the credibility of operations, and remain in regular touch with the strategic department of Birla Sun Life AMC to implement their philosophies in making perfect recommendations for the investors.

Exceptional Award-Winning Services

We feel proud that our exceptional and advanced solutions have let us become the winners in the industry. Experts have appraised us for what we are! We are the award winners from Aditya Birla Sun Life Mutual Fund and have proved to be the wealth builders in the industry. We let you accelerate the secrets of creating wealth.

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