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A contra fund is a fund following the contrary strategy of investment against the growth investment strategy. The fund manager of the scheme chooses the stocks of the companies which are either depressed or under-performing at that time. By investing in contra mutual fund, the manager expects that the fund has been mispriced by the investors and will grow up in a long-term horizon. Value investing is approached with the expectation of high growth from undervalued stocks.

Recommended Funds  
Scheme Name Category Nav Return(%) Rating Analysis Amount Action
Invesco India Contra Fund (G) Earlier known as Invesco Contra Fund (G)
Value/Contra 14.43

Value/Contra 15.1

HDFC Capital Builder Value Fund (G) Earlier known as HDFC Capital Builder Fund (G)
Value/Contra 12.29

Value/Contra 11.66

Kotak India EQ Contra Fund (G) Earlier known as Kotak Classic Equity Scheme (G)
Value/Contra 13.55

Value/Contra 10.97

Value/Contra 8.19

Reliance Value Fund (G) Earlier known as Reliance RSF - Equity (G)
Value/Contra 9.36

UTI Value Opportunities Fund (G) Earlier known as UTI Opportunities Fund (G)
Value/Contra 8.25

Value/Contra 6.84

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