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One of the most risky bet that I put on is Tata India Consumer Fund growth plan and I have to say that it is one of the most successful bet too. I was hoping that being a sector oriented fund it will provide returns in a particular year, but it has been showing a consistent growth since I invested my money. Hope that in the future this scheme performs in a similar way.
Mayur Shrimali
Tata India Consumer Fund G is a scheme that changed my perspective towards mutual funds. In 2016, I was looking for new investments and I thought that only large cap, mid cap and small cap funds are a good option. On my friends recommendation I tried investing in this scheme and as the risk was very high i started with just Rs 1000. But still the growth was exceptional and the returns I got were enough to increase my investment amount to Rs 2000, and thanks the simple process of Mysiponline all of this was really easy.
Shivam Dave
Being a high risk investor I was looking for a sector oriented or thematic scheme that can provide me with stable returns even when that particular sector is not performing well. Now, I had two options, first was to invest in a well established scheme and the second was to invest in a new launch from Tata MF, Tata india consumer fund. I chose the second and thank god I did, as the returns it has provided me are exceptional. Highly recommend this scheme for high risk investors.
Bhavika Jain
As I was already aware of thematic fund category and wanted to invest as well, my sip online helped me to invest through sip mode of investment and explained the benefits over a lump sum to invest in TATA India Consumer Fund g.
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