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It's been one and a half year when I have started my investments in birla sun life equity fund. I have no idea how the fund manager is placing the assets, but the scheme has been working so efficiently to provide good returns. I always wanted to invest in a multi-cap fund because it has returns and growth both. At the same time, ABSL equity is offering proper diversification, which is also diminishing the risk on my principal amount.
virendra singh
Aditya Birla Sun Life Equity Fund was introduced to me by MYSIPonline experts as I was looking for a new addition to my portfolio. Its performance appeared really top level compared to the benchmark, category, and other similar schemes, which made me invest in it quickly. It has suited my portfolio very well and has fulfilled the gap. Investing in it through the same platform has been a really good experience and I looking forward to repeating it again.
rishabh sharma
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