Apr 17, 2017 2 min read

You Need Just Rs 5000 a Month to Become Crorepati

Online investing in mutual funds is as simple as booking a ticket online. Just Rs.5000 a month and the best mutual funds are the ingredients with which you can fulfil your dream to become a Crorepati. Read this blog to know more.
It might sound strange to you, but the fact is that it’s true. Yes, you just need Rs.5000 per month to become a Crorepati. Mutual Funds provide you with such immense benefit in just 20 years of time span. This means it is just so simple to make your retirement a success with full of luxury and comfort being a Crorepati.

There are various funds in the mutual fund industry which have proven record of offering greater CAGR in the past years. They have offered tremendous returns irrespective of the market fluctuations and have helped investors in gaining capital growth.

Although it sounds quite unbelievable, it is a fact that some equity funds have offered up to 20% CAGR over a period of twenty years in the past and have let investors make a Crore sum with just Rs.5000 a month with Rs.12,00,000 the total investment. So don’t you think it is simply amazing? Do you want to make such profits with your mutual fund investments? If yes, then you must make a move now.

There is no doubt which needs to be taken by the investors for making a smart purchase of equity mutual funds in India. Our fund analysts have recommended the following top-performing mutual funds to the investors for online investing in a mutual fund. Just have a look here!

  1. SBI Bluechip Fund
  2. Kotak Select Focus Fund
  3. Birla Sun Life Equity Fund
  4. Tata Equity P/E Fund
  5. L&T Mid Cap Fund

In the current market scenario when bank interest rates are on a falling trend, various financial planners recommend that equity mutual funds are one of the best instruments to accumulate long-term wealth with a systematic investment plan (SIP). There are several additional benefits of equity investments, and the major among them is that the gains from equity mutual funds after a year are tax-free.

However, fund selection is one of the toughest tasks while investing, our fund advisors have simplified the same for you. You can either opt for any one of the recommended schemes or make a comparison between different funds to make a choice on your own.

With falling interests in the debt market, equities are offering assured returns for wealth creation. You too must avail its benefit by making a worthwhile investment in the best SIP plans with MySIPonline. We have simplified process of investment where you can invest in a few minutes. The top recommendations are being provided by the experts after doing immense market research, and thus, it is assured that the investors will gain considerable profits over time.

Don’t lose the opportunity, let your money work for your future to create wealth with the growing mutual fund industry. Start investing with MySIPonline now!