Dec 03, 2016 3 min read

Why Should You Invest Early & Regularly?

Investment needs to be made with high degree of efficiency. One must be regular and should invest early to gain higher returns. Read this blog to know why.

Investing is concerned with growing money. The early you start investing, your money will multiply over a period of time. Warren Buffet has said, “Always invest for a long term.” Hence, being an early investor is one of the best decisions which has proved effective since long ago. One can achieve all the investment goals if one takes the initiative at an initial stage in one’s life. Let us know how and why an individual is advised to invest at an early stage.

No one can be sure of the future happenings, and this is the reason all plans are based on assumptions. Similarly, we do not know what would be the future and whether we would be able to earn the desired goals in life, and hence we must make the investment. But have you ever thought when is the right time to invest? Well, the answer is ‘now’. An investment does not require any specified time period to get initiated, and rather must be made the moment you feel you need to make it.

There are several benefits of investing early including the following ones:

  1. When you invest your money at an early stage in life, you get more time to gain substantial income from the market irrespective of market volatility.
  2. The compounding benefits add more value to your investment. By providing interest on interest values, it helps to accumulate greater wealth in the longer duration of time.
  3. The spending habits are improved to a great extent as you save regularly in a disciplined manner, and thus the income is managed effectively.
  4. It helps you to be the early bird who gets the worm. As compared to your counterparts you would be in a better financial position if you invest earlier.
  5. You can ensure a better life ahead and improve your living standards during the retirement phase by investing your money at an early stage.

Accordingly, being an early investor can help you in achieving your goals easily with accumulated wealth. You must take the initiative now only to grab the best opportunity in the market so as to earn substantial income in the long run period.

Apart from being an early investor, being regular in your investment is an additional requirement to accomplish the desired goals. To be successful in any facet of life, one thing which is most important is maintaining discipline. Whether you want to be a successful businessman or a good student, you need to be disciplined in every aspect. Similarly, in the case of investments as well, one needs to be uniform. By being systematic in your investment, you would be able to assure the financial growth for your future.

By staying recurrent in your investments, you will earn the benefits of rupee-cost averaging with which your total cost of investing shall reduce. For this, SIP is the most effective way which provides investing a small amount at regular intervals in mutual funds. One can avail several benefits by investing their funds in a systematic manner through SIPs, which include:

  • Greater peace of mind as we safeguard our money by paying small amounts instead of losing a lump sum all at once.
  • Returns are smoother and irrespective of market fluctuations as you make an investment when the market falls as well.
  • The compounding benefit is the most crucial one. It offers greater worth to our invested capital by interest at compound rates.
  • The rupee-cost averaging is another parameter which can help the investors in gaining substantial benefits as it reduces the overall cost of investment.

Therefore, both the aspects, viz.: Early and Regular investments are the most important things which must be adhered by the investors to gain remarkable profits. They help one in achieving one’s financial goals with ease.

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