May 12, 2017 3 min read

Why Mutual Fund Provides High Returns in the Long-Term Period?

Here’s why mutual funds are the perfect tool for long-term investors to create riches in a smarter way.
Are you fond of eating tasty and not so healthy food? Do you like eating pizzas, burgers, etc.? Obviously yes, right? But you must be aware of the implications they have on our body if we take it for long. Eating tasty but less healthy food may be pleasurable for you on a temporary basis, but in the long run, they have ill-effects on your body. On the flip side, eating simple though the healthy food is the best investment for the long-term health and live life in a better way.

Same is the case with your mutual fund investments. Various plans provide short-term benefits, but if you wish to attain long-term and permanent financial growth, then you must opt for the long-term investing approach.

The equity mutual fund investments provide return fluctuations in the short run, but they are the ones which tend to generate solid capital growth in the long run period. Time plays an essential role in making the best choice of investment strategy. When the money is invested for a longer duration, the market faces various ups and downs leading to fluctuations in the returns, but as per the law of averages the overall returns are managed and evened out to create long-term wealth. In the long run, the fund managers get adequate time to make adjustments in the portfolio in order to bring the best returns while grabbing the greatest opportunity. As the funds are not redeemed shortly, they get enough time to earn wealth as desired.

Major Reasons for Long-Term Growth in Mutual Funds

1. The Benefit of Compounding the Interest & Returns

The long-term mutual fund investments provide the major benefit of the power of compounding. The returns or interest earned on the schemes are compounded in a way that the ‘interest earns interest’, and the returns tend to accumulate to create solid wealth. The advantage of compound interest rate is attained in the long run as the money gets enough time to get doubled and in fact manifolds. The longer the period, the higher the income.

2. Averaging the Cost in the Case of SIP

SIP, i.e., Systematic Investment Plan, is a method of investing in the mutual funds whereby one needs to park a small sum of money on a regular interval which is auto-debited from the bank account of the investor and parked in various schemes. SIP is done on different dates, and the units are allotted on the basis of NAV of the scheme on that particular day. Accordingly, on different dates, different units are allotted, sometimes more in number sometimes less as per the market, which reduces the overall cost of investing.

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3. Rebalancing & Adjustments of Portfolio in the Long Run

As per the market moves, it is many a time required that the portfolio is rebalanced and investments are modified to gain higher income. In the long run, the fund managers get adequate time to evaluate the market prospects and rebalance the portfolio as per the requirement in order to fetch as much returns as possible from the market.

4. Enough Time for Goal Accomplishment

Every investment is done for the purpose of attaining an objective, and the goals like retirement, vacation, wealth building, etc., can be accomplished in a duration of 7-10 years. Thus, the long-term investments in mutual funds help in fulfilling the desires within time without getting into any debt burden.

Successful investors are always those who invest for a long-haul rather than speculative gains in the short-term. If you wish to let your money earn wealth for you, then the long-term mutual fund investments are perfect for you. They will let your hard-earned income get its real worth irrespective of the market volatility. So, decide on your long-term goals and choose your mutual funds accordingly. You can avail our advisory services as well. MySIPonline has an efficient team of fund analysts and investment planners to guide you in the best way.