Jun 01, 2018 3 min read

Why Is MySIPonline Better than Any Other Online Investment Platform in India?

The blog recommends MySIPonline over other online mutual fund investment platforms and presents strong justifications in its support.
There are plenty of reasons for you to choose MySIPonline over any other online mutual fund investment platform. The supporting reasons and respective justifications are mentioned below-

Best Portfolio Strategy

MySIPonline creates the best portfolio strategies for the investors that are meant for the Indian Market. These portfolios are based on the investment goals and risk appetite of the investors. For achieving the investment goals, the investments of the investors are evaluated against various macroeconomic factors such as inflation, GDP growth rates, interest rates, performance of the stock market, etc.

Winning the Market

MySIPonline’s dynamic team of financial analysts with an experience of more than 10 years, optimize the portfolio of investors to get maximum expected returns against their risk appetite. This is achieved by careful asset allocation and selection of the mutual funds that are suggested to the investors. It enables the investors to invest in the best mutual funds in India which offer high returns. It promotes to invest in low-risk funds, debt funds, balanced funds, and diversified equity portfolios.

24x7 Support and Assistance

You can sit back and relax as MySIPonline 24x7 monitors, manages, supports, and assists you with your portfolio. It recommends you to review and re-balance your portfolio periodically to maximize the returns; while at the same time, taking into account the present market conditions, the implication of tax, and switching to meet your expected goals and aspirations. Not just this, MySIPonline has a team of certified financial advisors who plan your investments and offer you unbiased advice to achieve all your financial goals. Its algorithms manage the investment of the investors 24x7. You can track, redeem, or top-up your investments at a single click from laptop or mobile phone.

User-Friendly Dashboard

MySIPonline offers the most investor-friendly dashboard to its clients. The dashboard gives you an overview of your total investments, reviews the holdings of your invested capital, and regularly updates the portfolio in-line with the market. All your investments are held by the mutual fund companies and we, at MySIPonline give you independent confirmations on all your investments which are made through our platform. MySIPonline proffers 100% paperless transactions, therefore there is no need to submit hundreds of documents as hard copies.

Zero Fee

The best thing that an investor can ask for is to get all this for free. Well yes! MySIPonline is completely free and takes no charges for signing up. The personal advisory is also free of cost. Not just this, there are no additional charges on investments and it offers zero cost for all online transactions.

Most Secured Investment Platform

MySIPonline takes the security of the investments on priority and this is why it utilizes some of the best encryption protocols in the world. Your data is not just safe and secure, but it can also be accessed only by you. It offers bank-grade security to the investors through a reliable payment gateway. You hold every right on your invested money and it cannot be accessed by anyone other than you.

The Bottom Line

With the emerging trend of mutual funds as a smart investment option in India, MySIPonline has taken the initiative to help various Indian investors to invest in the most suitable fund. From giving free consultancies to guiding the investors to make their first investment, it covers all the aspects that an investor would ever think about. Therefore, MySIPonline is the one-stop solution for all your investment needs.

We hope you have set your mind to initiate your investments in mutual funds with MySIPonline. If that’s the case, consult us in no time and be one step closer to fulfilling your financial dream.

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