May 04, 2017 3 min read

Which Mutual Fund Suits Your Investment Goals?

If you have a goal and you want to accomplish it within time, then here is the solution for you. Get to know now!
Mutual funds are the best alternative to achieve investment goals in a systematic manner, be it short-term, medium-term or long-term objective. The goal planning is a different and substantial feature of mutual fund investments and by opting for the same one can easily plan a better strategy to reach their desired future.

Whether you are searching for a steady stream of income, grow your capital or achieve a specific life goal, you will find a mutual fund to meet all your needs.

Best Mutual funds for Short-Term Goals

If you are looking to meet your short-term investing needs like saving for a wedding, a vacation plan, buying an own vehicle or planning a grand anniversary then debt mutual funds have the solution for you. The investment in the case of debt funds is quite short, and with the safety of the invested capital, they tend to provide exceptional returns. These funds have an investment in the government securities, corporate bond papers, treasury bills, and other money market instruments. There are several funds which are categorised in the debt fund, viz,: liquid funds, ultra short-term funds, dynamic bond and gilt funds, etc. These funds don’t get fluctuated with the market moves so frequently and thus tend to generate stable returns. These are best suited to the investors who are desirous of achieving stability in income to fulfil their short-term financial needs.

Mutual Funds for Medium-Term Goals

Sometimes we have a desire to achieve a particular sum of money for the purpose of achieving medium-term goals in a period of four to seven years. The goals may be related to buying a house or planning child’s marriage. For that, we wish to opt for the investment plans which can generate the exact value of money that we want. For medium-term goals like that, the mutual funds have MIPs and the balanced funds. MIP, i.e., Monthly Income Plan has investment up to 30% in the equities, while the remaining is parked in the debt instruments. In the case of balanced mutual funds, the investments are made in equity and debt instruments on a simultaneous basis which provides the benefits of both the worlds, i.e., financial stability and capital growth. So you can easily achieve your medium-term financial goals with the mutual funds easily as they will provide you with capital growth and financial stability altogether.

Achieve Capital Appreciation with Equity Funds

There are some goals which we wish to accomplish in the long-term horizon. If you have the desire to create a huge wealth and live a luxurious life, then mutual funds have the solution for you. The equity mutual fund which is majorly bifurcated in the diversified, large-cap, small-cap and mid-cap funds provide the best opportunities for creating a huge wealth in the long tenure. The investment period is more than seven years due to which equity funds get a greater chance of accumulating wealth irrespective of the market moves. Accordingly, the long-term investment goals can also be fulfilled by the mutual fund investment plans.

Goal Planner- Fulfilling All Investing Needs

Our goals planner is designed by keeping several common objectives of the investors in mind in order to provide the investors with an instant solution for their financial objectives. Whether it be retirement planning, wealth building, child’s future planning, or vacation planning, our goals planner has an effective solution for all of them. You just need to provide your requirements along with some details, and we generate a complete plan for your goal to get accomplished within the time frame. Hence, it is not difficult to plan your financial goals anymore; our tools have everything you want.

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