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Top Recommended Funds by Expert Financial Planners at MySIPonline

Want to create wealth? Invest in the top recommended equity schemes.
Suppose you are playing casino and you already know the number on which the ball is going to stop in the next round. What will you do? Of course, when you already know the consequences of the next round, you will surely bet a good amount of money on it to reap double.

Well, it sounds good! Much exciting! But not possibly true. You will need some kind of supernatural powers to know the exact future consequences which is quite next to impossible.

However, it is not possible to know the future results in advance, but still, a good understanding can help you in estimating a very close result to the actual happening. And, it is possible in case of mutual fund investment. Yes, a healthy knowledge and understanding of the market help you to make a close assumption of future market trends. There is no lie that the future market is uncertain and no one can predict it accurately. What all the experts do is the assumption of the probable consequences.

So, invest in the top mutual funds recommended by the experts to increase the probability of the positive returns on your investments.

Here Are Some of the Best Recommended Mutual Funds by Experts:

  1. Kotak Select Focus Fund: It is a large-cap category fund which invests almost 81.72% of its total capital in the stocks of large and giant companies. As the market is running quite favorable for the safe equities, investing in large-cap funds can be a good decision. This scheme of Kotak Asset Management Company is also under the recommendation of the experts as it has showcased its great potential of generating a high growth in recent past. It was launched in the year 2009 and has managed to provide the return of 15.33% since then. It is holding five-star rating under CRISIL in the category of large-cap funds for the quarter ended September 2017. It is one the most consistent performers in the difficult market times. By outperforming both its benchmark and peers in all the seven years since launch, it has proved its capability of providing superior returns. Let’s check the trailing returns of this scheme to know by how far it has outperformed its benchmark and category:  Kotak Select Focus Fund
  2. Sundaram Rural India Fund: Holding the five-star ratings in the category of diversified equity mutual funds by CRISIL ratings for the quarter ended September 2017, it is one of the best performing mutual funds of Sundaram Mutual Fund. Being a scheme of the multi-cap category, it invests proportionately in the stocks of all sized companies. However, the majority of its capital gets deployed in the large and giant companies which amount to 49.64%, approximately. Therefore, it provides you with stability from the market volatility to some extent. It has excellently outperformed its measure and category many a time with healthy margins. The performance graph of this scheme depicts its fantastic potential for generating high growth. Moreover, it has managed to provide consistent returns to the long-term investors. The latest NAV of this scheme has been tracked at Rs. 42.64 as on December 04, 2017. Let’s check the trailing returns of this scheme to know by how far it has outperformed its benchmark: Sundaram Rural India Fund
  3. DSP BlackRock Opportunities Fund: It is a multi-cap mutual fund of one of the most trusted asset management companies in India. Although it diversifies its assets into various stocks, a bulk of around 69.79% of its capital gets invested in the large and giant companies. Therefore, if you choose to invest in this scheme, then you can experience a stabilised investment journey in comparison to the investments in small or mid-cap category scheme. It is an excellent scheme and has provided a significant return on investment to the investors if you see the long-term perspective of its historical performance graph. It is one of the most steady performers in the space of diversified equity funds. The fund manager, Mr. Rohit Singhania started managing this scheme in June 2015, and after making a slight reverse, the fund showcased a great run toward the sky and provided excellent growth. DSP BlackRock Opportunities Fund

Henceforth, the three schemes as mentioned above are among the best performers and also under the recommendation of the experts of MySIPonline. Therefore, you must not fail to reap the benefits of investing in them.

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Start your financial journey today, if the investment objectives of any of the scheme match to that of yours. In case you did not find any of the scheme relevant to your investment profile, you can also take help from us to understand the various fundamentals to be kept in mind while choosing the most suitable scheme to invest in.