May 31, 2017 3 min read

Top Reasons to Stay Invested in the Indian Mutual Funds

Know the reasons how Indian mutual fund industry is going to be the best gainer in the long run and why you must stay invested in the same.
The market is showcasing the most awaited trend these days by raising its values with high margins. Nifty has grown up by almost 50% in the past nine years, where Sensex is beating its records with the all-time market highs. As per the experts in the industry, it has been recommended to stay invested in the Indian mutual fund market for long to earn the high worth in the invested capital. Let’s have a look at the top reasons for such recommendations.

1. The Majority Government is in Power & Expected to Continue

This is for the second time in the Indian political history that a government has won with the highest majority. The Bhartiya Janta Party which has come into power with the greatest majority in UP recently has brought great influence in the stock market. It is expected that the government in the centre will do an encore in 2019 while bringing much more for the growth of the Indian economy.

2. India is Among the Highest Growth Economies in the World

As per the experts’ reports in the recent past, it has been believed that Indian economy is falling among the highest growth economies in the world and developing at the fastest pace. With the rising demand and various initiatives taken by the government, like Make in India, the domestic market is anticipated to give a boost to the investors’ money.

3. The Rupee Appreciation is Expected in the Long Run

Furthermore, it has been observed by the industry’s expert that the rupee value is going to get appreciated raising the worth of Indian currency. The rise in rupee value not only reduce ill-effects of inflation but also raise the worth of the invested capital.

4. Economic Recovery is Round the Corner

As far as the development of the Indian economy is concerned, with the rising growth rates and GDP rates, the economy can expect to recover sooner. The growth time has come, and investors are going to get tremendous benefits.

5. Bank Woes are Ending Soon

All the troubles faced by the banking system due to demonetisation are on the verge of ending soon. With this, the flow of credit in the economy will come to a balance reducing the worries related to the liquidity in the economy. Furthermore, the investments which are made in the banking sectors are going to gain superior profits so far.

6. Domestic Savings Shall Bring Deluge in the Capital Markets

By bringing the domestic savings into the investments, the capital market is expected to get flooded with resources. This will surely lead to raising great opportunities in the market to help the investors earn tremendous wealth. Moreover, as savings and investments tend to enhance the GDP ratios, the economy shall be developed.

7. Any Possible Hiccups in GST Implementation Shall be Temporary

The GST implementation in the month of July 2017 is going to redefine the Indian Taxation System. Now the companies would be eligible to get tax credits. There might be circumstances which might be negative for the market performance due to the very new concept of a single tax regime, but in the long run, everything shall be streamlined, and everyone will enjoy greater benefits.

Accordingly, the Indian economy has the biggest opportunities which are yet to come. Leaving the market now would not be beneficial for the investors at all. So instead of making a wrong decision for your investments, it is better to put your money in a fund that yields growth with the growing economy.

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