Apr 14, 2017 3 min read

Top Five Best Funds in 2017 for a Happy Retirement

Here are the top-recommended retirement planning funds which you must consider for investment in the year 2017.
Retirement planning is one of the most crucial financial plans that one needs to make as early as possible for the reason of making the retired life comfortable. Do you want to live a luxurious and relaxed life after your retirement? What have you planned yet? If nothing, then you may lag behind a lot of earnings that can be yours if you begin now. Yes, you heard that right!

Mutual funds provide the most effective investment plans across various fund houses which are primarily focussed on providing a comfortable retired life. If retirement planning is one of your important goals, then the mutual fund is the best alternative for you. As per the market research and analysis, our fund experts have recommended the below-mentioned best funds for retirement, which one can opt to start investing in 2017.

  1. Tata Retirement Savings Fund - Moderate Plan - Regular Plan : Being a retirement plan from Tata Mutual Funds, this plan is aimed at providing high worth to capital of the investors across the country for a happy retirement. To live a relaxed life, one needs wealth, and this plan provides the same to the investors. The foremost aim of the scheme is providing financial planning tool for long-term financial security of the investors on the basis of their retirement planning goals.
  2. HDFC Retirement Savings Fund-Equity Plan - Regular Plan : The investment intention of this plan is to generate regular income through investments in debt or money market instruments as well as government securities which tend to mature on or before the maturity date of the plan. This fund is aimed to deliver the expected growth in the capital at the time of retirement to help the investors live a relaxed life independently.
  3. Franklin India Pension Fund : It is an open-end tax saving plan by Franklin Mutual Funds which aims to provide investors with regular income under the Dividend Plan and capital appreciation under the Growth Plan. The pension is considered a helping tool for the investors to live a comfortable retired life, and this fund will provide you with such income stability for the future requirements.
  4. Reliance Retirement Fund - Wealth Creation Scheme : As the name suggests, it is a wealth creation scheme which endeavours to create a huge capital for the investors. The primary intention of investment of the scheme is to provide the investors with capital appreciation and consistent income which to help them achieve their retirement goals by investing in divergent securities comprising of equity, equity-related instruments and fixed income instruments.
  5. UTI Retirement Benefit Pension Fund : Investment objective and policies of this plan are primarily to offer pension in the form of periodical income to the unit-holders to the extent of the redemption value of their holdings once they complete their age of 58 years. I accordance with the objective of the scheme, at least sixty percent of the assets are invested in fixed income securities like non-convertible debentures, bonds and other debt and money market instruments of predominantly low- to medium-risk profile. Moreover, not more than 40% of the funds of the scheme are invested in equities and equity-related instruments such as fully or partly convertible debentures, convertible preference shares, etc. The risk profile of equity investments could be high, but the returns are worthwhile.

The schemes have the potential to grow your capital higher. By beginning early via SIP in these funds, you can earn the benefits of the power of compounding for your portfolio. Moreover, the rupee-cost averaging will further add value to your investment and will reduce the average cost of investing. You must start your retirement planning now with these top recommendations to make your retired life relaxed and comfortable to sustain.

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