Apr 21, 2017 2 min read

Top 3 Best Child Plans to Make Child’s Future Financially Secure

Find out the best recommendations for child planning with the best child plans in India.
Do you love your kids? Of course, you do, but how can you prove it? By making their future financially secure, right! Have you planned anything for that? If not, then you must begin now!

Every parent has the only dream to make their child a well-educated human being. Nowadays, we can see with the rising inflation the cost of education is rising fast, and it has become quite difficult to provide the best education to the children. But can we really let the time and these factors affect our children’s dreams? No, we can’t do that. Instead, we need to find an alternative which can provide us with the surety to make our child’s future financially secure.

In the current modern scenario, both parents are working. They spend their entire day in their offices and have to sustain a busy schedule. They don’t get enough time to sit idle and make plans for their children. Thus, they find various investment schemes which can help them achieve financial security for their children. Mutual funds have a variety of best child plans investing in which would be fruitful for the investors to achieve the set goals. The best child investment plans for the purpose of making your child’s future secure involve the following top funds as recommended by our experts:

  1. ICICI Prudential Child Care Plan - Gift Plan
  2. UTI CCP Advantage Fund (G)
  3. SBI Magnum Children Benefit Plan

These funds are highly effective in providing the best returns for the purpose of building a fortunate life for your loved ones. They have provided greater returns until now which have helped investors in making a huge wealth for the purpose of building their children’s future secure. By opting for any of these plans which are designed specifically for child’s future, you can get rid of the worries of fulfilling your children’s requirements in the future.

The child’s future planning calculator at our website is also designed with the same objective. It provides the assistance to such parents who have dreams for their children, and want to make immediate plans. The child planning calculator considers the inflation rates, net present value, and various other relevant factors, for calculating the net amount for making marriage or education plans for the children. Once the total amount required in the future is ascertained, it provides various recommendations as well.

One is suggested a list of funds along with an allocation of the money to initiate investments immediately. Moreover, the investors get the option to make either a lump sum purchase or start a SIP. Accordingly, it is the one-stop solution for investors seeking capital growth for child’s future needs.

If you further need any assistance to make investment plans for your different goals, then MySIPonline and its team are always ready. With their assistance and advice from the Certified Advisors, you can free yourself from the worries of accomplishing your desires within the time frame.