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This World’s Environment Day, Let's Invest in Nature

Let’s celebrate this World’s Environment Day by being a little more responsible and start investing in Environmental SIP.
June 5th is celebrated as the world’s environment day every year. On this day, people from across the world join hands to create awareness about the environment and perform various actions for the well being of the environment. But is one day enough to improve the condition of our planet? Let’s have a look at how can we help.

The Environmental SIP

We guess most of you must be thinking that ‘We have heard about SIP, but Environmental SIP, What is that?’ Well, as we know that through SIP, we invest in mutual funds periodically, i.e., in fixed time intervals and the more the time period of investment or the tenure is, the more will be the profit.

Same is the case with the environment as well. Here, instead of saving money, we’ll have to invest some of our time and energy, and the more the investment period, the more will be the return. As it is rightly said, ‘small changes eventually add up to huge results.’

"Invest Small, Invest Long"

Now, the next question that can arise in your mind might be "What can I do alone when nobody else is doing anything?." Well to answer this, let's have a look at the life story of a man who planted a forest.

Jadav Payeng, also known as the ‘Forest Man of India' was a simple tribal man from Assam who was so dedicated towards his cause that he planted a 1360 acre of forest on a course of 30 years. What drove him to such dedication? Was it his love for nature'? Let’s find out!

It was 1978 and Payeng, who just returned to his home village after completion of his 10th, was shocked to see hundreds of snakes dead on a deserted sandbar in the floods due to lack of trees. As there were no trees, snakes were unable to hold on to anything and died as there was no protection. On that day, he vowed to change things, and within 30 years, there was a forest on the same deserted sandbar, which is now known as Molai Forest.

So, what we can learn from this is that the key to success is to contribute in small ways, but to contribute for a long time and if not forest, we can at least start by planting a tree.

This small step can contribute a lot, however, it’s not the only change you should make to your life. Here are a few other changes that you can include:

It’s Time to Change the Way You Invest

Contributing to the environment is not a difficult process and there are various ways we can do it. Like here, at MySIPonline, we started an initiative back in 2015 that we will minimize the use of paper and within 3 months our paper usage was down by 90% and today, it is down by 99% taking us toward becoming the fastest growing investment platform with paperless transactions.
We request all of you to be a part of this initiative and be a smart investor.

The Final Note

It is often said that the key to a greener planet is in your hands. Going with this saying, here are some of the additional ways through which we can contribute to the environment:

  • Avoid over usage of natural resources such as water, coal, petroleum, etc.
  • Start using recyclable products and avoid using products which generate non-degradable waste.
  • Start planting and nourishing at least one tree in a month.
  • Start pooling with your colleagues if you are travailing from the same area, it will not only be fuel efficient but will also be cost-efficient.
  • Prevent the use of plastic bags, as they are one of the biggest reasons behind environmental pollution.

So, these are some steps that you can start with to invest in the environment. Lastly, always keep in mind that ‘Give environment at least something, because it gives us everything'.

This World’s Environment Day, let's pledge to start our investment in nature and make earth a more healthy and clean place to live. The team at MySIPonline wishes all a very happy World’s Environment Day.

In regards to mutual fund investments, if you have any doubt or query, connect with our experts and find solutions at the drop of a hat!

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