May 11, 2018 2 min read

The First Edition of Our Free E-Book is Live! Download it Today!

Our very first edition of the e-book on mutual funds has floated today. Read the post to know what's inside the book.

Because trust is the base of any long-lasting relationship, we at MySIPonline follow the ‘clients-first’ strategy and deliver high standard services for building the trust of our clients and maintaining the same. Up till now, we have been educating the already investors and the to-be-investors about mutual funds and the lucrative benefits via our blog page. To accomplish the requirement of a document that can be present with the investors all the time even when the internet is not working and our experts are not reachable, we have come up with an e-book-cum-e-magazine for the first time since we came into being.

Unlock the Secret of Equity Funds with Our E-Book!

This e-book is designed to update and educate you about:

  • The indices Performances
  • Sector Performances
  • Funds Recommendation
  • The Mutual Fund Industry Updates.

One must keep on learning and updating oneself about the ongoing news in the market in order to become a successful investor. You can find all the major news about the market and mutual fund industry, and the experts’ views in the e-book that we have launched. After undergoing deep analysis and research, our in-house research desk has recommended funds in each category for the investors so as to ease their laborious task of ‘let’s-search-on-internet’.

In this first edition of the e-book, we have tried to cover up all the major and important sectors of mutual fund industry by talking about their performance till date. We have also tried to enrich you with a quick outlook of the equity market especially for the large-cap space this time. In the upcoming weeks we will be unleashing the performance of other sectors as well.

Downloading is Just One Click Away

Why wait for others to inform and guide you about what is going on in mutual fund market, which sectors are performing well and which have hit the new low, or which funds are becoming experts’ choice for this season? Instead visit MySIPonline and download the e-book in just one click and become the master of the industry updates.

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