Aug 28, 2017 3 min read

Step Out of Your Comfort Zone to Earn Wealth with Equity Mutual Funds

You can also be an expert investor if you just take a step ahead. Know how.
You can never change your life until you step out of your comfort zone; changes begin from the end of your comfort zone. Therefore, one must come out of the box and try to go little up in each step of life to chase the greatest success. The same goes with mutual fund investments because it has been observed that the one who exposes more in equity gets the opportunity to earn the best returns.

Many investors do not taste the benefits of big returns from their investments as they don’t step out of their comfort zone to take the risk of equities. Let’s read a story to understand why the experts recommend a risky move in the investments to fetch higher returns.

In a gym, a man did his fifty push ups and the trainer being ruthless ordered him to do another fifty. Drenched in sweat and exhausted, he lost his confidence to take one step further for doing more push ups. But, the trainer being more strict ordered him again, and he didn’t want to listen any ‘NO’ as an excuse. The trainer asked him to continue till he gets back down on the floor. The person managed one, and then five, and within a few minutes, he did twenty push ups. After that, he got motivated and felt good about himself, and completed the task of fifty. He rose with a new sense of confidence and motivation, and it happened only because he stepped out of his comfort zone.

People are more conservative when it comes to money matters. They give priority to the safety of capital which does not allow them to reveal the real power of money to grow manifold. If we take the lesson from the above story, we can easily understand that until we do not try, we cannot do it. Hence, being a conservative investor is your own choice, if you take a little step ahead and bear some risk in equities, you can earn tremendous benefits. Yes, it is true that investment in the equity funds is riskier than other categories, but it doesn’t mean that you can never invest in this category of fund. Who knows, what is there in the next moment of life! It's like a box of surprises; you never know what you will get in the very next minute. So, the best strategy to chase all the desires in your life is to ‘never stop trying and be ready to face challenges.’

Step Out of the Box and Invest in Equities:

Some investors believe that keeping the money in bank deposits is the best option, while some invest in safer categories of mutual funds like debt or liquid schemes. They believe that equity investments are not their cup of tea, and they don’t even try to invest in them. The expert gainers from equity market say that it is a hard-to-enter world, but once you are in and learn some strategies, you will never wish to get out from it. The first step in equity mutual funds might be a little hectic for you because they perform contrary to the debt funds, and aggressively move toward achieving high growth. But, once you cross that stage and see the actual results, you will become more confident and comfortable with them. However, this can be possible only if you step out of your comfort zone and take a step ahead with equity mutual funds.

Therefore, start your investments in equities from a small amount and try to increase it gradually as per your requirements. Until and unless you give it a start, your real potential to take considerable risk shall remain undiscovered. You can also know about various investment strategies by reading our investment tips and choose the most suitable scheme for your portfolio at MySIPonline.