Nov 02, 2016 1 min read

SENSEX Breaks Over 300 Points: Haven’t You Invested Yet?

As the market has shown a fall down in prices, you have the best opportunity to make an additional purchase of SIP right away. Read this blog to know further.

The golden opportunity is here for the investors who were looking for a downfall in the market to make a better investment in mutual funds. Today the morning trade of SENSEX showed 311 points lower at 9.20, touching a high of 27,679.32 and a low of 27,546.80. On the other hand, Nifty50 was trading at 8,522 down 103 points or 1.2 per cent. It touched a high and low of 8,542.90 and 8,518.70 in the first 30 minutes of trade.

So right now is the great opportunity for the investors to make a fruitful investment in mutual funds. With the fall in market shares prices, one can buy the units of a high-yielding mutual fund scheme at a lower rate which means one shall be allotted a considerably higher number of units of that scheme. In addition, with this fall down you can buy an additional SIP of a certain amount that would help you in getting more number of units of your SIP scheme.

As we have already explained to you that market fall brings tremendous opportunities for mutual fund investors to make an additional purchase, here you have that golden chance to do the same. As the rates have fallen to a considerable value, it would not at all be detrimental for your portfolio to make an additional SIP purchase. The units that shall be allotted to you now will be higher in comparison with normal days, and hence you would be able to earn higher returns in the future from those extra units.

MySIPonline has the best solutions for your investments in mutual funds. Our experts have the opinion that this market fall shall help one in gaining remarkable returns over time. One must not leave this opportunity and gain the maximum benefit out of it. Make your additional SIP purchase now to avail the benefits of the market fall and get extraordinary returns in the future.