Nov 13, 2017 3 min read

Open a Zero Balance Smart Savings Account and Get Higher Returns

Are you saving your money like the generation back in 90’s? Switch to Smart Savings than just savings.
Do you have a savings bank account? Certainly, you must be having one. But, does your savings account provides you significant returns which can help you in wealth creation? This time it will be a ‘no’ for sure because savings bank generally have a floating interest rate of 3-4% p.a. But, do you know that you can earn more than that? Almost double! Well, here’s a solution. Switch to our Smart Savings Account. As it offers much more than just savings.

When you invest in our Smart Savings Account, you get higher returns with a lot more benefits which can be helpful to you for achieving your short-term financial objectives. You not only put your money in our Smart Savings Account but at the same time, you are also allowed to invest the same in the liquid mutual funds as per your suitability. Thus, you can reap returns of 7% and even more. You also get the power of instant redemption so that you can withdraw your money at any point in time as and when required. It is quite simple to invest in the best liquid funds through this account. Moreover, there are lots of facilities which help you go effortlessly in case of any short-term emergency funding.

Let’s know two important benefits which you get with our Smart Savings Account:

  • Increased Savings with Higher Returns: It’s almost double than what you earn from your savings account. You can earn minimum returns of 7% on your investments in Smart Savings Account which in peak time can even go higher than 9%.
  • Zero Balance Savings Account: Smart Savings Account primarily aims to help the investors in the time when any uncertainty occurs or to fulfil any kind of short-term financial objectives. At times there may be a need to withdraw whatever you have in your liquid investments, and in such cases the saving banks deduct charges as your account has zero balance. But, you will never be charged for maintaining zero balance in your Smart Savings Account.

Henceforth, the two main features of the Smart Savings Account as mentioned above help the investors to fetch superior benefits than that of savings in bank accounts. Moreover, there are many more benefits which you can get once you start investing in the Smart Savings Account. Let’s know more:

The Smart Savings Account allows you to invest in best liquid funds which are already famous for their various benefits. In the world of mutual fund investments, liquid funds enjoy the attention of almost all the investors because they are safer than the other schemes and help meeting short-term goals as well as emergencies.

Here are some of the important benefits of liquid funds:

  1. Low Risk: Liquid funds are known for their less risky nature of investments as they invest in the highly quality papers. They have the shortest maturities among the other debt fund categories.
  2. Better Returns: The returns which you can earn by investing in liquid mutual funds is far more higher than what you are earning on your saving bank deposits. It is almost double to that of the interest earned from bank account and sometimes, it can be even more than that. So, which option do you want to choose: bank deposits or liquid funds?
  3. Liquidity: As the name suggests, liquid funds provide full liquidity to the investors so that they can redeem their invested money any time as and when required without paying any exit loads.

Moreover, our Smart Savings Account allows you to invest in the most suitable liquid funds so that you can avail all the benefits and earn higher returns. If you want to start planning smartly for all your short-term financial plans, then go for it. Team MySIPonline is ready to guide you in each step of your journey.