Dec 21, 2017 3 min read

Mutual Fund Tips: Sacrifice Your Love for Money to Earn it More

Know the best way to create wealth and build corpus for your future.
We all know that we need to control our spending and make it less than what we earn, in order to start savings and create wealth. This is what, in general kids do to grow a significant amount by saving a few bucks every single day from their pocket money.

How about something more specific? Something which can help you in reaching bigger goals! Something which can let you create wealth and become rich! But, as you know not everything we get is free of cost. However, the cost can be anything. Don’t think about money always when we say cost. This time it is about sacrificing your love for money in order to earn it more. Yes, it is the best way which can help you in achieving your objective of wealth creation.

Let’s understand in more detail that how you can make money by sacrificing your love for the same:

Some of you guys might be thinking that how it would be possible to attain something without having any love for it. But you need to do exactly the same if you really want to make your dream come true. Let’s know how:

Systematic Investment Plan (SIP) : It is the only way which helps you in achieving your bigger financial goals while taking small steps towards it. In other words, you can attain your financial objectives in a systematic manner by investing small amount of money through SIP in the most suitable mutual fund schemes.

If SIP can do that, then from where the need for sacrifice came into the picture!!!

Although SIP allows you to start your investment even with a minimum amount of Rs. 500 per month, but it does not makes any compulsion that you have to start with that amount only. SIP does not have any limit provided for the maximum amount of investment. So, you can manage to invest a significant amount that do not get heavy on your pockets. The more you sacrifice the love for your money, the more opportunity you will get. It means that the more you put you money into investments and sacrifice the satisfaction that you could gain from buying things with the same money, the more you will have to invest. And when you invest more, of course you earn much better because of the benefit of the power of compounding.

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Know how an increased amount in SIP investment allows you to reap higher benefits:

You can easily understand this by taking a tour of the table as given below. In the table, you get to know that how an increased amount of monthly SIP can help you in attaining higher returns. Moreover, you can set your investment plan that how much you need to save and invest to attain a predetermined target. By checking the amount that you want to attain in future, see the rate of returns at which it will grow and also note how much you need to invest to attain that corpus . So, don’t stay left out, and start your investment today with MySIPonline. We are one of the fastest growing online mutual fund investment service providers. Check the best mutual fund scheme to invest in through our portal.


The values given in the above table are calculated on the basis of certain parameters considering the expectation for the growth in the value of the investment in the future.

Understanding the Table:

The values shown in the first column are the monthly SIP investment amount. And the values shown in the percentage format depict the rate of returns. Check what you can gain by investing a certain amount of money through monthly SIP in mutual funds expecting a certain percent of return on your investment. You can also use it in other way, i.e., to know how much you need to invest to attain a certain corpus in the duration of 25 years.