Jul 11, 2017 4 min read

Mirae Asset’s AUM Crossed Rs.10,000: Want to Grow with Them?

Be ready to grow your money with one of the fastest growing AMCs Mirae Asset Mutual Fund.
Asset Under Management (AUM) of Mirae Asset Mutual Fund has crossed the threshold of Rs.10,000. As per the company, the growth is around 50 percent in this calender year and more than thrice of the AUM, i.e., Rs. 3,440 as of March 2016. The fund house’s AUM has attained growth of 20% in the past four years from Rs.500 crore to Rs.10,000 crore as of now.

This shows the potential of the Mirae Asset Mutual Fund to enhance the worth of the investors. Are you ready to grow your money into wealth with them? Let’s provide you with the best services and schemes that they offer.

Different Types of Funds by Mirae Asset Mutual Fund

  1. Equity - In order to provide the investors with an opportunity to invest in the widespread market and top-growing companies, the AMC has launched the Mirae Asset India Opportunities Fund, and Mirae Asset Emerging Bluechip Fund. They invest in the equity stocks of the companies across different sectors and market caps to attain more diversification and fetch greater returns.
  2. Thematic - The fund managers of this AMC are focussed on providing high returns to the industry by grabbing the best opportunities of a specific theme or sector. The theme-based investment is beneficial for the investors who can stay invested for long and can bear considerable risk appetite. There are two funds which are offered by the AMC under this category out of which one aims to add purchasing power of billions to your portfolio; while the other has the aim to produce returns while participating in the China Growth Story.
  3. Hybrid - Mirae Mutual Fund has just one investment plan in the hybrid category which taps the potential of equities and fixed income funds. They aim to provide capital growth to the investors along with fetching regular returns.
  4. Fixed Income - By investing in the debt securities and money market instruments, the fund house tend to provide the solution of fixed income. One can invest in any one of the three schemes available in this category to provide worth to your surplus money and achieve your short-term income goals.
  5. Tax Saving - ELSS funds in India provide the option to claim deduction under Section 80C of the Income Tax Act. Mirae Asset Tax Saver Fund (MATSF) is the tax-saving plan offered by them which aims to cut on your tax liability and create wealth over time.

The fund house has attained a substantial growth in just nine years of its launch in India. All of its schemes are performing tremendously in the market and generating exceptional returns while accomplishing the goals of the investors. There are several other fund related services which are offered by Mirae Asset which include:

  • SIP (Systematic Investment Plan) - This allows the investors to make small investments at regular interval with the aim to achieve the goals of wealth creation over a long term. One fetches the benefits of rupee-cost averaging and compounding.
  • SIP Top-Up facility - This is another facility provided by the AMC which helps one in adding a certain sum of money in the current SIP to increase the investment values. Suppose you have an SIP of Rs.1000, and you want to increase it to Rs.2000 per month, then you can opt for SIP top-up facility.
  • Systematic Transfer Plan - To provide the convenience of investing in the best plans in a more feasible manner, they offer the STP facility to the investors. According to this, you can invest a lump sum amount in a scheme (which is generally a debt or liquid plan), which is then transferred automatically into a equity plan.
  • Trigger Investment Plan - This is the best way to time the market. It invests your money in the schemes automatically whenever the market shows positive trends. You don’t need to remain updated as they lead your investments in a prompt manner and let it grow while grabbing the best opportunities in the market.
  • Group Investment Plan - By opting for this plan, the employee allows the employer to deduct a certain sum of money from his/her salary and invest in the mutual fund scheme. Mirae asset mutual fund online provides such feasibility to bring discipline in the lives of investors who don’t get enough time to stay updated and make investments regularly.

Hence, Mirae with its growing AUM has various investment solutions for you. You must grab the best of them for your portfolio and buy the schemes that suit your requirements. The facilities that it provides to the investors will simplify the entire journey of investing in mutual funds.

If you wish to buy Mirae Mutual Fund online, you can avail our free services and solutions to invest in a hassle-free manner. MySIPonline and team are devoted to serve all your financial needs.