Jul 27, 2016 3 min read

Know what your sun sign have to say about your investments-Part IV

Let your stars help you make a positive change in your investing mechanism and help you earn a copious returns as well. Get to know how your zodiac will be beneficial.

Continuing here is the fourth part of the series of zodiac sign investment blog. This is the final part of the series and consist of the last three signs of the zodiac family and that doesn’t mean they have the least importance. Rather the last sign of the clan carries some traits of all the signs above it.

Capricorn (December 21- January 20)
Capricorns have a very good first instinct of things and as well as persons. So, they tend to take the decision intently whether to or not be around people whom does not make them comfortable to be around with. They are very orderly people and love to make the best possible use of their instincts. They feel more connected to heart and create a speak what they feel without any manipulation. This may sometimes give an impression of them being outspoken and nasty. Capricorns are good at making excellent use of their resources and obtain the maximum benefit from them. They tend to find the correct place for every single thing. It means that they believe every thing has a suitable place and it should be situated there only.

Investment tips
A Capricorn is very disciplined and thus they tend to achieve their financial goals more easily than any other signs of zodiac. The clients belonging to this zodiac can be stubborn sometimes and make the best possible use of their money. Thus, these clients should invest in equity-oriented mutual funds through Systematic Investment Plans. As they have a methodical approach towards everything they tend to make the best possible use of their money and accumulate wealth.

Aquarius (January 21- February 20)
Aquariuns like to get to the bottom of everything and have a tendency to first inspect and then put hand into anything. They have their own ways to stand apart from the crowd and take up initiatives which no one believes in. Once taken a decision an Aquarius would remain firm on their decisions no matter what may come. They are those kind of people who never judge a book from its cover without looking inside it. It means that their perspectives are based on their perceptions and not on what everyone else have to say. They can sometimes be very hot-headed and arrogant and take impulsive decisions which they might regret afterwards.
Investment tips
As they have a very curious attitude they tend to inspect each and every scheme before they put their hard-earned money into it. Aquariuns must have a diversified portfolio consisting of equity schemes, sector funds, short-term debt and many more. These clients can make the best possible use of their money but their impulsive decisions may harm them and turn their profits into loss. So, they must be very cautious also.

Pisces (February 21- March 20)
Pisceans have a habit of encouraging others and motivating them to make the best possible use of their capabilities. These people have the habit of taking every one along and then moving forward. Very minute things make them happy and they do not require anything huge to satisfy them. They often make sacrifices for their loved ones to an extent which sometimes puts their own rights at stake. They are very creative and switch from one thing to another easily and comfortably as they can adjust to any situation without much issue. These people may forgive you but will never spare you the pain.

Investment tips
A Piscean must be more caring towards their financial health and should not waste money without any reason. They should invest in liquid funds and ultra short-term debt schemes which would be suitable according to their interest. The clients possessing this Zodiac sign has traits of every sign. Hence, they have some common traits from all.

Find out what your zodiac sign has to say about your investment strategy and turn even the odds in your favor.