Jul 21, 2016 3 min read

Know what your sun sign have to say about your investments-Part II

Astrology is a science based on the numbers and also affects our daily life. If you understand what your Zodiac features are then you can use it to bring about a positive change.

Investing in mutual funds is quite a complex task if done without any direction. But, if a person utilizes the power of mind supported by some belief your sun sign depicts, then it is possible to make the best possible use of your money. In the previous blog we had discussed the three Zodiac signs with their positive as well as negative aspects and how the bearers of those signs can make those attributes smooth the road towards mutual fund investing. Let’s now move further to have a look at the next three Sun Signs and know how it can affect their decisions while investing in mutual funds.

Cancer (June 21- July 20)

Cancerians are very passionate, kind and care for their loved ones from the bottom of their heart. The people with this zodiac sign are very moody and encounter mood modulations often. However, when it comes to their family and friends, they would worry and care for them with all their heart despite repetitive assurance. The people of this sign tend to take challenges with open hearts and tend to turn it in their favor no matter what may come. They have extreme judging power and very strong instincts which saves them from being associated with wrong people. They just hate people who exaggerate or manipulate things and are really open-minded.

Investment tips
People carrying Cancer as their Zodiac signs must use their intuitions while selecting any mutual fund scheme. Because of their caring nature these people tend to be conservative with their savings and tend to protect them without being involved in any risky business. But, they should use their instincts and invest in hybrid funds which provide a combined effect of debt and equity schemes making it possible to create mixed benefits for their investments.

Leo ( July 21- August 20)

As a Leo, your happiness lies within making others happy even if it costs you your own. This zodiac sign bearers are the ones having a confident and competitive self. They do not wait for the destiny to open up gates for them, rather they will create an opportunity for themselves. They are very generous and a perfect combination of strong mind and soft heart. Their generosity beyond the limit makes them suffer many times and result in losing their money and relations as well. However, still they are cautious about saving money for the odds and also for building up good wealth as they want to attain all the luxuries in life.

Investing tips
Leo’s are not only generous but also competitive in their careers as well as investing. Thus, a portfolio combined with diversified equity schemes and debt funds would be a perfect blend according to your traits. The clients can also opt for hybrid funds but as they cannot settle for anything least the best, they should at least include one or two equity-oriented schemes for them. So that they are able to achieve a luxurious life as well as they can pursue their zodiac sign trait, i.e., generosity.

Virgo (August 21- September 20)

Virgo’s are at the core hardworking and practical people. They tend to make the best possible use of their money and create a reserve for the rainy day. They modestly spend their money and have the ability to be better investors rather than any other zodiac. They have a different way of depicting care by making many sharp comments to letting you know your faults. Virgos belong to the over-thinking clan and tend to give more than the required time even on trivial matters. They are very sharp at noticing the positive and negatives of a person. They also keep their problems to them no matter how hard it is for them to solve or bear it.

Investing tips
Virgos should invest in short as well as long-term mutual fund schemes. As they are capable of noticing the plus and minus in every thing they will surely be able to make the most worthy investors from all the zodiac. They must discuss their investing queries with an expert and take corrective decisions with their advice.