Jul 21, 2016 3 min read

Know what your sun sign have to say about your investments-Part I

Zodiac signs define the personality of a person born on a particular date. These traits affect the financial health as well. Let’s learn how.

Zodiac signs, horoscope, may seem to have an astronomical approach and one cannot lead a life based only on these. But, still they tend to make some difference in our lives. If we know the positive and negatives of our signs we can avoid some mistakes and take corrective decisions based on the facts that each of the sun sign depicts for us. Every person has some strong aspects as well as some weaknesses. Same is the case with the sun signs also. Thus, one should learn to hone their strengths and tame their weaknesses. Here are some insights of all the Zodiacs which would assist you take the investing decisions. Find your zodiac and know how it can affect your financial health. 

Aries (March 21- April 20 )

Aries is the one most aggressive signs in the list of zodiac regarding the wealth. It means that they do not fall back to take impulsive decisions and have a very aggressive strategy to accumulate wealth. Aries are competitive people with a zeal to look forward to take actions and attain returns for them. Due to their constant efforts one can never see a person with this zodiac sign to be trapped due to lack of money. These people are impulsive and sometimes take incorrect decisions in their hastiness. They are impatient and want to succeed in any circumstance possible. Thus, they tend not only to make money but to prove themselves as winners in the course of action

Investing tip
These people should invest in the equity schemes of mutual fund. These schemes also follow the aggressive technique of investing and make the best possible use of a client’s money. There are a lot of schemes under this very category of mutual funds. For example, for Aries it is suitable to make an investment in the diversified mutual fund schemes in order to get maximum benefits out of their investments and should avoid taking impulsive decisions to prevent themselves from the possible loss.

Taurus (April 21- May 20)

Taurus is the zodiac known for making the bearer cool and calm. But, at the same time they are the most stubborn people. They need what they want and if something has made space in their minds then they cannot be moved from their beliefs. They are believed to be loyal and show a lot of dedication towards what they intend to do. This sometimes restricts their growth avenues as they are not able to move on to better places and positions due to their fidelity towards their present employer. They tend to follow very conservative approach in the path of investment and are more inclined towards securing their money.

Investment tips
Taureans should invest their money into the debt funds and its sub-categories as well. As the debt schemes invest in money market instruments and keep the client’s money secure, they are the best pick for the Taurus clan. But, at the same time investors belonging to this sun sign must learn to redeem those investments which are not delivering the proper returns for their invested amount. They should not be so stubborn as to bear a loss but not move on in life.

Gemini (May 21- June 20)

People bearing Gemini as their sun sign are a bunch of really very non-predictive and impulsive investors. Those who carry this zodiac sign are extremely versatile and love to be independent. But, they do not pay much attention to their money and thus tend to fall short of it every time. Being erratic they change their minds often and it is difficult to judge their sentiments. They tend to get nervous at the time of taking decisions and so they take more time than the required in order to settle down for something.

Investment tip
The persons with this zodiac sign should invest with a long-term investment perspective. The reason being if they tends to invest in short-term schemes then they would, again and again, fall in the trap on how to and where they should invest. So, the clients can only make the best possible use of their money if they invest in long-term mutual fund schemes.