Nov 14, 2017 3 min read

It’s High Time to Make a Change: Say Hello to Mutual Funds

Don’t you want to change your financial lifestyle? Mutual fund investments can bring the desired improvements!
People nowadays are more concerned about planning then they used to be. They plan for everything including their daily work schedule, diet, weekdays, etc. If you too follow the same trend and want everything on time and with perfection, then how you can miss planning your future financial requirements!

Well, no one actually ignores planning for their future financial needs, but the way they choose to begin the journey decides how effectively they will reach their targets. A decade ago, most of the people had utmost trust on savings bank account and used to deposit their money into them. The practice still exists, however, with time, the other avenues have successfully overlapped the benefits provided by the savings bank with that of their highly attractive advantages. Over the time, the various fund houses and the mutual fund association have managed many campaigns to bring awareness of MF investments among the people. However, it proved to be helpful for the entire industry as big jumps in the number of investors have been recorded in the past.

With the growing phase of lifestyle, the desire of earning more money became the dominant need and objective of the people. Looking forward to earning more, the horde enters the industry. No doubt, many got excellent results over the years regarding returns on their investments, but a few faced the kick of the wrong choice too. It’s because they end up making a wrong selection at the time of initiating their investment. However, in the long-term tenure, the majority of the investors earned good benefits.

The excellent benefits of mutual fund investments are enriching the investors’ needs with the shower of profits. Nowadays, the trend of savings before spending is so much in concentration that it allows people to go easy in their financial life. Therefore, one must not miss investing in mutual funds in order to become financially strong and stable to achieve one’s monetary goals. However, some ask that why should they invest in mutual funds when there are other options available such as fixed deposits, PPF, etc. If you too have such question, then you must read the two major benefits of mutual funds which are not available with the other options:

  1. Built-In Diversification: Risk is a factor which you can never ignore in your life. More or less, the risk lies in every task we do. Similarly, the investments are also not free from risk. So, when you invest your money in any avenue, there is a fear of losing them completely. For example, you lend Rs. 10,000 to your friend, family, or any other person. You fixed a deal that after three months the person will return the amount of money along with 10% interest to you. This is also a kind of investment, and you are earning benefits from interest on it. You may feel that it is safe, but risk lies here too. There is a possibility that after three months your friend may become insolvent, or he/she refuses to pay you back. In this case, you lose not only the accrual profits but also the principal amount.    
    The mutual fund helps you to bring down the intensity of this kind of risk to the minimum as it is a pool of money belonging to various investors. This pool further gets parked in various stocks and securities of different companies which helps to reduce the risk of insolvency and other such kinds. This way, the build-in diversification feature of mutual funds helps the investors to feel safe when investing in their selective scheme.
  2. Professional Management: One more important benefit of investing in mutual funds is that the investors need not panic about the daily market situation because there are professional fund managers who keep eagle’s eye on the performance of the schemes and fluctuating market scenarios. When you invest in the share market, you have to be cautious about all the ups and downs in the market, a failure in timing the market may lead to a big loss. Unlike, share market trading, you can rest yourself in the case of mutual fund investment as the money will keep growing under the management of the expert fund manager.

In the end note, it can be said that mutual fund is the best investment zone for the investors who wish to earn profits on their capital with the least efforts.