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Invest in Digital Gold with Reliance Gold Savings Fund

Read this blog to find out all about Reliance Gold Savings Fund before investing in it.
We, Indians have voracious love and appetite for gold and this even has cultural roots. It holds sentimental value, and thus is often transferred from generation to generation as an aim to continue family legacy. Not only this, gold is one of the haven assets which is also considered great for investment purpose globally.

While living in this gold-crazed society, we can now take the benefit of gold savings without actually purchasing this yellow metal. Well yes, it’s time to welcome ‘Digital Gold’ into our lives. How can you do that? The answer is by investing in Reliance Gold Savings Fund with MySIPonline. Without any further ado, let’s find out more about this plan and reasons you shouldn’t delay your investment in the same.

Reliance Gold Savings Fund: Unboxing the Glitter

Reliance Gold Savings Fund is a scheme of Reliance Mutual Fund which aims to provide returns that corresponds closely to the returns offered by Reliance Gold ETF, i.e., R*Shares Gold BeES. The fund is ideal for investors looking for long-term investments as this scheme systematically buys gold as per the current gold price.

Benefits of Investing in Reliance Gold Savings Scheme

Buying physical gold brings joy, but the fear of losing it is always there. With the growing criminal activities in the country, investors were looking for other lucrative options that offer the benefit of buying gold. Besides, the purity and quantity of gold is always a question which makes digital gold a better option to invest in.

Other than this, there are several other benefits and features of Reliance Gold Savings Fund over physical gold investment. A few of them are:

  1. There is no need for a demat account and pay annual maintenance charges by investing in this mutual fund scheme.
  2. An investor of Reliance Gold Savings Fund can subscribe and redeem units on all business days directly from the fund house itself, while purchase and sale of gold ETF units is a factor of liquidity on the exchange.
  3. The investor can directly subscribe/ redeem units through the physical mode at the various designated investor service centres across the country, thereby making it easily accessible and convenient for the investors.
  4. Investing in gold through this scheme in physical application mode enables you invest in a low-cost manner as the investor does not have to incur the following charges applicable for investing through the dematerialized mode.

Taxation on Reliance Gold Savings Fund

  • Long Term Capital Gain (after 1 year) will be applicable of 10 % or 20 % with indexation benefit.
  • Short Term Capital Gain (before 1 year) as per tax slab for the investor will be applicable.

Should You Invest in Reliance Gold Savings Fund?

Being a passively managed mutual fund, this scheme of Reliance Mutual Fund is ideal for investors who are looking for long-term capital growth. It is a fund of fund scheme which endeavors to match returns offered by Reliance Gold Exchange Traded Fund. However, unlike the ETF fund, it does not require de-mat account for investment. You can choose to invest in via lump-sum in this scheme. The most prominent advantage is that investors get to invest in gold without having to bother too much about procuring the yellow metal.

How to Apply for Reliance Gold Savings Mutual Fund?

With MySIPonline by your side, investing in Reliance Gold Savings Fund is a smooth sail. Our online platform can assist in making the right investment choice keeping your investment objective in mind. Our industry experts can be called up in order to know details pertaining to various other top performing mutual fund schemes or clear any of your queries concerning this one. You can also click here to invest in this scheme now & buy gold for your favorite occasion today.

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