Jul 12, 2016 3 min read

Important investment tips by MOM

Mother is the first friend, teacher, guide and philosopher for a child. We learn all the important lessons from our mother which help us through our life span. Now its time for some investing lessons.

Mother is a friend, philosopher, guide and the first teacher of each and every child. Every word of wisdom dawns upon us through our mother regardless of our age. Even if we become parents ourselves, mother remains our true friend in every walk of life. Her teachings are relevant to each and every situation and difficulty we face. Her caressing ways and her sweet smile clears all our doubts. But, have you ever thought that the advice of your mother can assist you through your investing schedule as well. Here are some valuable insights from our mothers, which if followed properly will make you touch the pinnacle of success.

Access the pros and cons of your act

We all have heard our mothers warning us to triple check the risks involved in anything and will it be viable to take the risk. Each mom teaches her child that there are two sides of every coin. It means that every situation has its own benefits and drawbacks. So, it is better to analyze each of the points minutely and then take any decision. The same rule applies to mutual fund investments as well. If the clients comprehend all the points before investing in any scheme of a mutual fund, thy need not worry about the loss. A well-researched and analyzed plan will always work. So, go by your mother’s advice and get the best out of your investments from mutual funds.

Keep calm and get going

As kids and teenagers, we tend to take hasty decisions and regret them later. In those difficult times, it is our mother who allows us to identify the difference between choosing the right or wrong. The first thing she would tell that whatever may be the situation it is always necessary to keep ourselves calm and then try to find the solution to any problem. It is our mother who makes us believe that we are capable of achieving what we want. In the same way, while investing in online mutual funds, the clients must compose themselves and after contemplating your requirements, it is advised to select a scheme for investing. Thus, listen to your mom and play it cool!

Help yourself first

I still memorize my childhood days when my mother always encouraged me to be self-motivated. You must also have heard the phrase, “Charity begins at home.” It means that before asking the help of others, you need to help yourself first. If you have done your groundwork thoroughly, then only you are capable of analyzing that someone is actually providing you help or just fooling around. Similarly, while buying mutual funds, you need first to clear out all your concepts about them and only then you should seek an expert’s assistance. It may be possible that the person tricks you into buying schemes which will provide an incentive for him and would incur a loss to you. So, pay heed to your mother’s teachings and be a smart investor.

Learn from your mistakes

We all make mistakes at every stage of our lives, and the intensity of errors is more while we are kids or immature. But, it doesn’t mean that we lose every time. When a child learns to walk or ride a bicycle, he/she falls several times. Each time we fall our mothers pick us up and help us to learn a valuable lesson from each and every mistake we make. The same thing is applicable even in our later stages of life. As human beings, we tend to make errors, and a good learner would find a gaining opportunity in every failure. Therefore, while investing in mutual funds, the clients can take a wrong decision which will give them a loss. However, this does not implies that you should stimulate away from mutual funds. Rather you should observe your mistake and move forward towards not repeating the same one again.

To conclude, we can say that the basic lessons of life from a mother can be the wisest advice to be considered while investing in mutual funds. The clients should be ready to learn and should accept every positive change with open hands.