Nov 11, 2016 2 min read

How To Take Advantage of the Current Market Fluctuations?

Investing in the fallen stock market always leads to a better decision. Know how you can take the best advantage of present market conditions.

The present situation has surprised the investors again with a Sensex fall by 400 points. The whole Indian economy is facing the implications of the demonetisation and struggling with the changes right now. Some of us are fully satisfied with Prime Minister’s decision while others are criticising. Apart from all these things, the market is also facing challenges at the same time and is fluctuating very frequently. So let us know what are the various benefits or opportunities it has brought to the investors all across.

As we know the breaking news of currency ban by PM has created a stir in the Indian economy, it is quite essential to take every decision related to money more efficiently. So before going further to evaluate how we can take its best advantage, let us take a quick review of the current market scenario:

  • PM Modi has banned the currency notes of Rs.500 & Rs.1000 and has declared that they are no more a legal tender.
  • This initiative has been taken by PM in order to get control over corruption and realise black money.
  • Market fell by 1600 points after the declaration which has caused havoc in the stock market.
  • The fluctuations in the share prices have risen leading to the falling Sensex and Nifty indices.
  • On the other hand, US election has ended up with Trump’s win, due to which there are chances of downfall in the Indian stock market.
  • Demonetisation has caused chances of deflation in India for a considerable time period.

With these points, we can easily judge that the current market situation is quite challenging for everyone yet appreciable enough for the present investors to make an additional purchase of mutual fund. In addition to this, the newbie investors have a great opportunity to start their investments now.

It has been observed by various analysts that the Indian economy shall face such market fluctuations for a particular time period, and hence one needs to stay very attentive so as to confirm the high security of their capital. Furthermore, Trump’s win in the US election has created a situation where the market is prone to high volatility. Accordingly, investors need to act smartly to gain substantial income and take a better decision.

As we know, a fallen stock market is a sign of depreciation in investment values, investors would gain better opportunities as well for further purchase of securities at low price. With the low prices, they can make a worthy investment and design productive portfolio to gain remarkable returns over time. As per the situation, it can be measured that market has high chances of growing in the future which shall lead to a generation of a huge wealth for the investors.

Accordingly, instead of looking at the pros and cons of market volatility and waiting for the right moment, take the best advantage right away. Your golden chance is right in front of you, just take step ahead in order to grab it. Start your mutual fund investment right away to fetch higher units now and greater income tomorrow.

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