Sep 17, 2016 4 min read

How to Choose the Best AMC for Mutual Fund Investments?

If you are looking to make a worthwhile investment to fulfil your desires, you must opt for the best AMC. In this blog, we have provided you with some of the top fund houses that can cater all you investment needs.
In the past few weeks, we provided you with many schemes of different categories that are best suited for mutual fund investments. We hope our blogs have helped you in making the right choice and taking an apt decision regarding selection of the schemes to invest in. Today, we are focusing on providing you with the best AMCs(Asset Management Companies), that are prominent in managing the funds of investors efficiently.

In the current high-interest-rate scenario, if one wants to earn good returns from one’s investment, then he/she must choose the right source of the same. The fund houses in India are providing various solutions, which are helping investors in attaining the desired returns. Although, investing in the mutual fund is a tough task, but if one gets associated with a well-regulated AMC, then the whole journey of investment becomes easier. Before we unfold the top-performing AMCs in India, first you must know that what features make them immensely popular.

In the interest of creating riches for the investors, the AMCs which are the best among all possess the following traits:

  • Confirms to the Regulatory Reforms: The corporate houses which manage the funds of various investors have to be well regulated as per the latest implemented reforms. It makes them compliant in all regards. The best AMCs in India are regulated as per the norms of SEBI and registered under the Companies Act. They comply with all the provisions of the Indian statute and ensure corporate governance.
  • Style of Investing: In spite of being a well-regulated entity, the best fund houses in India ensure the usage of pre-eminent techniques for making investments. In addition, they provide an effective investing approach as well, which is a distinguishing feature. As the style of investment is the criterion for an asset management company, we provide you with such fund houses which are proficient ones.
  • Management Team: The fund of investors is handled by the team of experts in an AMC. Accordingly, it is quite important to make sure that the fund managers of the company are having the required skills and experience of making the best use of the capital. The list of the mutual fund houses that has been provided in this blog includes the companies that hold an astute team of industry experts.
  • Growth Prospects: It is crucial to get associated with such organisation that has the capacity to flourish in the future. Obviously, if the money managers will grow higher, then only they would be able to create wealth from our money. The fund houses that we have recommended here, possess the proficiency of raising higher and building money into wealth.
  • Market Performance: In addition to the above-mentioned properties, the market well-being of an organisation is also of vital importance. The overall ranking and rating that it holds reveal the capability of that entity. One must opt for an AMC that has a good market reputation and ensures to maintain it in the future as well.

Apart from making an investment in the right mutual fund programme, you need to opt for the right fund house as well. As per thorough analysis that we have done till date, we have observed that all the mutual fund AMCs are performing well in the industry and yielding desirable returns. Some of them are listed below by our financial experts:

  1. ICICI Prudential Mutual Fund

    AMC: ICICI Prudential Asset Management Company Ltd.
    Sponsored by: Prudential Plc and ICICI Bank Ltd.
    Trustee: ICICI Prudential Trust Ltd.
    AUM(Asset Under Management): Rs. 193295.97 crore as on 30th June 2016
    Market Share in Percentage: 13.36%

  2. Reliance Mutual Fund

    AMC: Reliance Capital Asset Management
    Sponsored by: Reliance Capital Limited
    Trustee: Reliance Capital Trustee Co. Ltd.
    AUM: Rs. 167009.17 crore (Jun-30-2016)
    Market Share in Percentage: 11.60%

  3. DSP BlackRock Mutual Fund

    AMC: DSP BlackRock Investment Managers Ltd.
    Sponsored by: DSP HMK Holdings Pvt. Ltd & DSP Adiko Holdings Pvt. Ltd (collectively) & BlackRock Inc.
    Trustee: DSP BlackRock Trustee Company Pvt. Limited.
    AUM(Asset Under Management): Rs. 41415.65 crore as on 30th June 2016
    Market Share in Percentage: 2.93%

  4. SBI Mutual Fund

    AMC: SBI Funds Management (P) Ltd.
    Sponsored by: State Bank of India
    Trustee: SBI Mutual Fund Trustee Company Private Limited
    AUM(Asset Under Management): Rs. 119878.20 crore dated 30th June 2016
    Market Share in Percentage: 8.32%

  5. Tata Mutual Fund

    AMC: Tata Asset Management Ltd.
    Sponsored by: Tata Sons Limited & Tata Investment Corp. Ltd.
    Trustee: Tata Trustee Company Pvt Limited
    AUM(Asset Under Management): Rs. 35331.70 crore (Jun-30-2016)
    Market Share in Percentage: 2.44%

Henceforth, you can easily get an overview of these fund houses by the basic information provided above. We recommend these and many other AMCs because our financial analysts believe that they hold all the major traits that a best-performing company should have. You can invest your money in their schemes to make a fruitful investment.

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