Nov 28, 2016 3 min read

How Safe is the Money I Invest Through Mutual Funds?

If you want to know how secure are your investments with mutual funds, then this blog is a must read for you.
Do you think your money is safe? Are you sure you have invested your capital in the secure investment plans? If not, then you might be on the verge of losing a huge corpus. To tackle this, we recommend you the mutual funds for your portfolio to grab the best returns and ensure a high degree of safety.

The greatest challenge faced by everyone while considering investment opportunities is the plethora of options we are provided with for investing our money. Being investors, our primary objective is to make positive returns by investing the hard-earned money in the most efficient investment plans. Thus, while making a selection of the investments strategy we desire to opt for the most effective one so as to confirm our benefits and returns over a period of time. Furthermore, we also need to ensure high security of our money which we have invested in the schemes. Accordingly, the choice of the right path for investing the hard-earned money has to be made with due care.

Among the various available alternatives, mutual funds are one of the most popular vehicles where we can put our money in order to attain the financial goals. It is so fruitful that investors get attracted towards it and opt for the same to earn riches. Though all the mutual funds are safe for the investors, the underlying fact is that the safety depends on the how you invest in them. Yes, one needs to be attentive while taking an investment decision in mutual funds as per one’s risk profile and financial goals. The word “Safe” has a different connotation for different investors.

In the case of mutual fund, you can be on the safe side and secure your hard-earned money by making proper realignment of the asset allocation on the basis of your investment tenure, growth prospects and expected returns. So you must be aware of the mutual fund strategies and various aspects which can affect your future needs and portfolio designing. An investment can be secure and safe only if it is made in a well-planned manner. Moreover, mutual fund investments ensure the high safety of the fund which can be understood with the following explanation.

How Mutual Funds Ensure Safety of Funds?

In order to clarify the mutual fund investing process, and to make the procedure worthwhile, the SEBI has drafted certain norms and guidelines to label the mutual fund products. They regulate all the AMCs in an effort to manage the funds of investors with great efficiency. In the case of discrepancies, there are various penal provisions which are applied on the fund houses. Hence, the investor's money put in mutual funds are highly secure under the Indian statute.

All the schemes have a colour coding in the form of blue, yellow and brown; where blue stands of least risk, yellow denotes a medium level of risk and brow depicts the highest risk involved in the scheme. All the schemes are classified as per their risk appetite into these colored labels to signify their level of associated risk with the help of which investors make the adequate choice.

Thus, investors can take an informed decision of investing by making the right choice of mutual fund schemes from the plethora of alternatives. This is the reason why it is told that investment in mutual funds is highly secure and safer to earn remarkable returns in the future.

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