Sep 09, 2016 2 min read

Hire Your Personal Advisor for Effective Tax Planning

Making a tax plan is a critical task for everyone. So, if you too need advice on tax planning and want to make an effective tax-saving plan, then you must read this blog.
Whether you are an individual, small business owner or an entrepreneur, you need to be up-to-date with the latest tax strategies. As we know, taxes affect our savings a lot; henceforth it is crucial to make an effectual tax management. We are providing you with your personal advisor, who can help you in doing an efficient tax planning.

In today’s era, where inflation is touching sky high, it has become crucial to save even a single penny. And then, where we have the pressure of paying heavy taxes as well, we feel burdensome. Hence, it is quite essential for us to take such steps that could help us in saving taxes.

We have the best solution for you in this regard, in which, we can provide you with the dual benefits of ‘Saving Taxes’ and ‘Generating Income’. By investing your hard-earned money in the mutual funds, you can fetch the best returns from your investments. We provide you with a convenient and the most feasible approach to investing through online SIP(Systematic Investment Plan) in the best-performing mutual fund programmes. As investments help in attaining the desired growth in life, one can opt for the same in order to achieve the set financial targets. We are offering you such an amazing platform where you would be able to make the most important decision of your life, i.e., ‘Investment Planning’ and ‘Tax Planning’, in one go.

The Equity-Linked Savings Scheme(ELSS) which provides tax benefits to the investors are the best source for making a worthwhile investment. We have a team of expert financial advisors, which is catering the needs of a large number of investors in regards to investment planning and tax savings. You need not wait for the end of the year, instead must take an initiative now for availing the best benefits. Hereunder are the major benefits that ELSS would provide you if you opt for the same for your investment portfolio:

1. Tax Exemptions Under Section 80C: The schemes that fall under ELSS, provides tax relief from all the following amounts-

  • The amount being invested in the scheme in that particular year.
  • The dividend received from such investments.
  • The withdrawal amount at the time of redemption of the fund.

Henceforth, the investors need not worry about paying taxes on any of the amount as mentioned above and can fully enjoy the returns on their investments.

2. Capital Appreciation: As the ELSS funds fall under the equity asset class, they aim to provide long-term capital growth to the investors. By investing the funds in equity and related instruments, they offer high yields and secure future.

Accordingly, the investors can benefit from investment in ELSS and attain the dual benefits. We are providing the best services for making a sound portfolio for your investment. Our personal advisors, who are experts in their domain, would understand all your needs and offer you with the best-ever solution.

If you are in dire need of making the best investment for your future with an efficient tax planning, then you must avail our services at MySIPonline to fetch the desired returns.