Nov 22, 2016 3 min read

Go Cashless - The Need of the Hour

Nowadays, we all are suffering from lack of cash due to demonetisation move. Read this blog to know how can you make the best gain of going cashless now!
After demonetisation, India is suffering from a cashless environment and trying to rescue the hardships. Although this move is a good start for a better economy, the consequences are quite difficult to deal with by the common people. With the lack of cash in hand, people are looking out for various alternatives to transact their business and buy amenities. So let us know what the implications are and how one can gain maximum benefits from the current cashless society.

It is not contradictory to say that the Government’s new policy regarding currency reform was not well planned and could have been implemented with some better measures for the sufferers. The secrecy of the move in itself is a reason to remove black money and corruption out of the country. The long-term benefits of the demonetisation move would definitely be appreciable and enhance the economy’s growth. Instead of looking for its demerits and controversies, it is more important to grab the best opportunity and make your money secure.

The online trend of making payments has become quite common across the country, and people are familiar with its working and convenience. The cashless environment has not affected the crowd much because of the online payment gateways which provide high security to fund transfers in order to buy and sell commodities.

There are several benefits attached to them which include:

  • You don’t need to waste your time while standing in long queues of ATMs in order to withdraw the amount kept in bank accounts.
  • One need not get indulged in the paperwork to get an exchange of their old currency notes with the new currency.
  • There is not any extra cost involved in making online transaction and payments using the secure banking channels.
  • The online payment mode is user-friendly and can be used by anyone easily.
  • It also provides a high degree of convenience and saves time as we can go for it anytime as per our feasibility.
  • It is the best alternative to cash payments as it does not require handling of physical money which is sometimes quite difficult to maintain.

In this way, going cashless can provide you with a bulk of benefits and advantages which would be helpful to make the flow of money easier and grow economy stronger. So let us know how we can make the best use of going cashless in the cash of investments.

How to Go Cashless with Online Mutual Fund Investments?

If one can buy electronics, grocery, and other amenities using the online payment channel, then why do you hesitate while making an online investment in mutual funds? Yes, you heard it right. You can invest your capital in the mutual fund investment plans by making an online payment using Debit/Credit Cards or Net Banking.

Where shopping will lead to expenditures, an online investment would enhance your savings in a systematic manner. You would be able to earn a substantial income for your future in order to accomplish your financial goals. You need not worry about losing cash anymore because mutual fund investment are now made simpler with the introduction of online investing.

At present, India is dealing with the cashless society, but don’t let the demonetisation move become a hurdle for your investment. If you don’t have cash, we have the best option for you to cope up with the situation, i.e., online investing in mutual funds using online payment gateways.

If you are looking for investments in mutual funds and non-availability of cash is the constraint, then you must get associated with us to start investing in a cashless manner. We, at MySIPonline, have the best services and online solutions to help you gain remarkable and substantial benefits over a period of time.