Sep 22, 2017 3 min read

Don’t be a Dreamer Only! Plan it too with Mutual Funds

Mutual fund SIP investments bridges the gap between your dreams and achievements. Know how?
Do you dream for a holiday trip with friends abroad? Do you dream to own a big house? Do you dream to create wealth to become rich? Obviously, your answer will also be a yes because everyone dreams to achieve more than what he/she already has. But, if we ask you that do you have any plan to achieve your dreams, you might not have a solid answer to justify it correctly.

In a survey (Plan India Plan 2017) it has been observed that in India, most of the people are big dreamers but when it comes to planning, they lag behind. Without a plan, it is hard to reach any destination. Similarly, to achieve your dreams, in reality, you must pen-down a proper plan.

If you are conscious enough to convert all your financial dreams into a reality, then you need be little more extrovert toward the investment world and plan an investment strategy. In case you do not have a sound financial knowledge, you may consider taking help from your financial advisor. Make an excellent plan which directs toward the achievement of all your monetary dreams. Stick to your plan until the end to reap the maximum benefits and achieve all your dreams successfully. We will let you know that how you can efficiently do all this on your own with the help of mutual fund SIP investments. But, before that let’s clear out the concept of mutual funds:

If you have any misconceptions like mutual funds are similar to share market trading, or the luck factor works in mutual funds to decide your profits, then you are absolutely wrong. Mutual funds are unlike stock trading and do not work on any lucky charm. They are known as the best investments for their easy process and the reasonable risk-adjusted returns. In MF investments one can diversify the total capital into various plans to fetch secured profits and minimise the risk factors to the best possible extent. Therefore, it is a sure shot way to profits in the supporting market scenario.

How can you achieve your dreams through Mutual Fund SIP?

The mutual fund is already among the leading investment options which are loaded with the great benefits for the investors. If you decide to travel through SIP path, the advantages get added much more because of its smart investment process. It is a systematic way of investing in mf which helps the investors to attain the financial goals with unique benefits like ‘Rupee Cost Averaging,’ ‘Power of Compounding,’ ‘Risk Averaging,’ etc. Furthermore, it is also cost effective as you can start SIP investment plan of any suitable scheme with a minimum amount of Rs. 500 per installment.

If you wish to realize all your financial dreams, then your smart planning through mf investment can help you in the best way. In case, you are less-informed and unable to make a strategic portfolio, consider concerning with your financial advisor, or the investment consultants. A robust strategy will allow you to reap the larger success and attainment of your financial dreams in an adequate time.

Some of the best Advantages of SIP:

  • Rupee Cost Averaging : Unlike the one-time investment of lumpsum, mutual fund SIP provides you the benefit of averaging down the total cost of your investment to the minimum. Thus, you can be benefited and reduce the total investment cost at the least. Furthermore, the panic of timing the market is absent when you invest through SIP process. The expert fund managers take charge of the scheme in their hands to make flawless movements in the various market situations.
  • Power of Compounding : This benefit of SIP can be availed in the best manner when you start early in investing. The power of compounding helps in multiplying the value of the SIPs over time. So, the longer the tenure of the investment, the larger the benefit you get.

Therefore, there is no point in sitting back and wasting more time in thinking for the right option. It is the time to achieve the financial ease for the future welfare. If you wish to grab a better understanding of the various fundamentals of mutual fund investments, then read our daily blogs at MySIPonline.