Sep 01, 2017 3 min read

Do you have Doubts About your Mutual Fund Investments? Here’s a Solution

Clear all your doubts about your mutual fund investments and make your journey hassle-free. Know how.
We see many investors facing problems in their mutual fund investments which ultimately result in reducing the profitability. Some of the cases have been seen where investors are not sure about their mutual fund investments due to one or the other reasons. They build an inner feeling that they have not chosen the correct fund or the investment is not working in accordance with their requirements.

They doubt on their investment that it cannot let them make easy profits and sometimes lead to withdrawing their investments which costs them big opportunity loss.

We are here to provide you with solutions for all your hindrances in doing online mutual fund investments and to erase such doubts. If you too have any doubt about your mutual fund investment then read this blog, and by the end, you will know the reasons which are increasing your doubts with the solutions to stop them. Let’s know the possible reasons for such issues:

  • Quick investment decision in any scheme on the basis of the inadequate recommendation.
  • Investing in any fund because your friend or other known has invested in it.
  • The scheme is not performing well since you have invested in it.
  • Any unfavorable news heard about the fund or the fund house in which you have recently invested.

There can be other issues as well because of which doubts occur in your mind which force you to switch or stop your investments. To avoid such discrepancies, you need to think before investing in any plan. There are various details available about all the schemes which can be used to know the suitability as per your investment profile.

How to deal with the doubts about your mutual fund investments?

In the case of lump sum investment: In lump sum investment, we need to park our savings altogether at a single time. Whenever you hear any unfavorable news about the fund house or the fund in which you have invested recently, check the authenticity of the news because it can be fake too. You should also check the underlying investments of the scheme or the stocks and securities in which it invests. It is because the adverse condition of the companies in which your scheme invests can affect the profitability or the performance of the fund. Moreover, it is very important to consult an expert if you are among the less informed investors. If you feel that the fund will not be able to meet your objectives, then get it reviewed by a financial expert to know the correct scenario.

In the case of SIP investment: The SIP process was initiated to provide better investment experience to the investors, and it is capable of safeguarding the capital from volatility and uncertainty better than other investment options. However, there are possibilities that you may have doubts because of choosing a wrong scheme on the basis of any recommendation by a friend, or any good news heard about the fund’s performance. If you have doubts that you have selected a wrong fund which would not meet your financial objectives, then get it reviewed by an expert. If you are in a panic that it's been more than a year or two and your fund has not showcased any big growth in your capital, then stop being tensed as growth funds generally perform excellently in the long term. Furthermore, if you have any other problems with your SIP investment like the SIP dates are not matching with your cash flows, or you want to increase your SIP amount to gain more profits, you can simply do it on your own by communicating these changes to the AMC or at MySIPonline.

You should always remember one thing that investing is all about discipline and patience. A regular monitoring adds up opportunities to avail more profits which you will know better once you start doing a regular check on your investment portfolio.

For any other doubts in mutual fund investments, you must read our daily blogs at MySIPonline which will help you to gain knowledge about various investment strategies to enjoy a hassle-free investment journey.