Apr 27, 2017 3 min read

Best Wealth Building Funds for SIP of Rs 2000 Per Month

If you want to create one crore for your future, here are the best funds for your portfolio.
Do you want to earn one crore rupees? Do you wish to become a Crorepati? We have the smartest way of building wealth for your future. Mutual fund SIPs are considered to be the best way of creating riches. Beginning with just Rs.2000 a month you can easily create a Crore for your future with the best mutual fund investments.

Several mutual funds in India have provided returns at 20% CAGR in the past and have helped many investors in generating huge wealth. Due to the power of compounding in SIP investments, the investors avail the benefits of interest on interest and gain substantial income over a long duration of time.

Here are the best funds for creating wealth for your future by beginning with just Rs.2000 a month investment.

Reliance Small Cap

  • The scheme is an outperformer in the industry for those who want to make income in a stable way.
  • The scheme was launched on September 29, 2010, and since then it has offered CAGR at 20.89%. If you would have invested Rs.2000 per month in this scheme then, you would have created Rs.377,899.29 (as on October 31, 2016), at an investment cost of Rs.148,000.
  • The one-year CAGR of the scheme at present is 42.22%, which again depicts tremendous performance of the plan in a short duration.
  • To create wealth, you must be investing in this plan now and earn the benefits of compounding with the asset in the best-performing companies and sectors.

DSP Small & Mid Cap Fund

  • This scheme holds a commendable track record since its inception and is an outstanding performer among its peers.
  • The scheme was launched on November 14, 2006, and since then it has offered returns of 16.95%. If you had invested at the time of its inception in the SIP plan of Rs.2000 per month, you would have created Rs.803,071.70 at an investment cost of Rs.252,000.
  • The scheme is providing returns at the rate of 41.6% in its one-year investment tenure which is noteworthy.
  • With major investments in the equity stocks of the small- and mid-cap companies, the fund aims to generate long-term capital appreciation and hence will help you in creating a crore.

Kotak Emerging Equity Fund

  • This scheme aims to develop capital growth by making investments in the best equity stocks of the small- and mid-cap companies of different sectors.
  • If you would have invested in the scheme at the time of its inception with a SIP of Rs.2000 a month, then you would have created an amount equivalent to Rs.700,965.36 as on April 12, 2017, at an investment cost of Rs.244,000. Its average returns since launch are 13.59%.
  • The annualised returns of the scheme for one-year investments are 36.10%, while for three- and five-years are 34.90 and 25.70 percent respectively.
  • As per the objectives of the scheme and its past performance, you can understand that the fund is highly affluent and would be helpful in generating higher growth of capital.

Initiating an investment is of vital importance as it lets us earn the wealth we desire. The schemes mentioned above are among the top-performing funds in India and by making an investment of just Rs.2000 a month in any of these plans can lead us towards making a fortune. You must consider these plans for your portfolio if you are looking for wealth creation solutions in the long-term for your future.

Our experts have analysed these schemes, and as per their past performance which has been provided here, it is notable that the funds are the perfect ones for the wealth-building portfolio. We, at MySIPonline, are ready to serve your investing needs and if you want any assistance for selecting the right fund for your portfolio, our Certified Financial Advisors(CFA) shall help you for free.