Nov 18, 2016 3 min read

Best Investment Tips for 2017

In the present scenario it is quite essential to take every step related to investment with efficiency. Read this blog to know the best tips to make a perfect investment in 2017.
In the current scenario where almost all the predictions are on the verge of failure, the investment market is facing a high degree of challenges. Although the situation shall not mould the long-term investing decisions of the investors, the short-term goals will be highly affected. Hence, it has become crucial to take every keen step with due care. Let us have a look at the various investment tips that one needs to follow for making a worthwhile investment in 2017.

All of us are well aware of the happening in the Indian economy due to a sudden decision of Prime Minister regarding abolishment of the high denomination notes. The nation is facing the challenge of lack of cash, which has reduced the demand factors and hence affected the demand supply chain. It will take the same considerable time to cope up with the situation in order to attain the stable position once again. But the investors have the best opportunity right now to plan their future investments in the best manner. Thus, we have provided the best investment tips to the investors that would assist them in taking a worthy decision in 2017.

  • Educate Yourself: It is quite important to know well in advance where we are investing our money. The market ups and downs can affect investments to a great extent but if we know beforehand what shall be the implications of a sudden event on our capital, we would be in a better position to take the respective steps. So first of all, you must learn the market trends and how you can make most of them in every situation as we cannot rely on some third party to take care of our money.
  • Go Through Proper Research: Before investing the hard-earned money into any scheme or programme, it is crucial to do proper research and analyse its track records so as to confirm the right selection. This would assist in designing a productive portfolio for oneself and gain substantial income in the long run.
  • Calculate Your Risk Profile: We all know our risk-bearing capacity according to which we take the financial decisions. At present, due to a sudden change in the economy regarding demonetisation, the risk profile of the investors has also been affected up to a great extent. Hence, for the coming year prior to taking an investment decision you need to calculate the risk appetite so that you could make a better choice for your future.
  • Get Predictions for Market Fluctuations: The stock market is facing great ups and downs these days. And it has been expected that the same shall continue for a certain period in the future as well. Hence, we need to take a strong decision in its regard so that we do not lose our money in any context. Mutual fund SIPs offer a simple way of making a smart investment irrespective of the market volatility which ensure higher profits to accomplish the goals if investing.
  • Don’t Be Emotional: Sometimes we make wrong assessment and worst selection for our portfolio which ruins our entire investment. But we must maintain high level of patience to yield greater returns in the future. And therefore, the market fall by even 1000 points cannot affect our capital if we wait for the right moment to let it hold back its position.
  • Take a Review of Your Investment Mix: You must take a proper review and track the performance of the schemes and portfolio in which you have invested our money. This would help you in knowing how much you are earning and what are the chances of getting the desired yield in the future. Furthermore, by doing so, you would be in a better position to take the required step towards switching and redeeming the funds as well.
  • Go Cashless: In the current scenario, everyone has learnt to be independent of cash. We must focus on dealing with non-cash transactions by using Internet Banking, Credit and Debit Cards. Investments can also be made using the same by availing the online solutions of investing. We too provide online cash payments solutions to the investors for making a worthy and easy investment.

These important investment tips are the must-to-be-considered while taking an investment decision in 2017. So you must go through them to give high worth to your portfolio irrespective of the market situations.

We, at MySIPonline, are always ready to help you in making a worthy investment in mutual funds. You can avail our services anytime to get the best advice and tips for investing in the year 2017.