Oct 26, 2016 3 min read

Best Equity Mutual Funds of 2016 to Invest This Diwali!

Make this Diwali even more special by taking a strong investment decision for a secure future. Read this blog in full to know the best equity schemes for investments this Diwali.
Diwali is the most auspicious festival in India which is awaited by everyone from the very beginning of the year. It is the period when the whole market grows up rapidly due to the rising demand of products by the population. Everyone across the country goes out to shop for decorative items, clothes, gold and other things. It is that time of the year when the market sales increase and give a chance to earn unexpected returns to the investors.

But have you ever thought that this festive season could be the best moment for making a worthwhile investment? Yes, this is the time when every investor gets the opportunity of making the most of the investment market and earn tremendous returns. So here we are presenting to you the best-performing equity mutual funds which must be considered while buying a scheme investment this Diwali.

  1. SBI Bluechip Fund: This is a five-star rated scheme from SBI Mutual funds which has been ranked first under the ‘Large-Cap’ category by CRISIL. It is outperforming its benchmark and category by yielding extraordinary returns with the help of a well-diversified portfolio. It aims to provide the best opportunities for long-term growth in capital through actively managed investments in a diversified basket of equity stocks. It invests the funds in such companies whose market capitalisation is equal to or more than the least market capitalised stock of BSE 100 Index.
  2. ICICI Value Discovery Fund: This is the most productive solution for making a worthwhile investment for a long-term horizon. It is ranked first in the ‘Diversified Equity’ category by CRISIL and assigned a five-star rating. It has maintained a commendable position in the market by offering two and in fact three times higher returns than the benchmark. Pru ICICI Discovery Fund is an open-ended diversified equity scheme, which aims to provide long-term appreciation in capital by investing the funds predominantly in a well-diversified portfolio.
  3. Birla Sun Life Equity Fund: This scheme is among the best-performing mutual funds in India, due to its nature of yielding the productive returns in considerable time horizon. It is ranked third in the “Diversified Equity’ category and outperforms its benchmark and category by offering annualised returns up to 29.8%. It aims to provide long-term growth of capital, through a diversified portfolio having 90% asset allotment in equities while 10% in the debt and money market instruments. Accordingly, it also offers the stability in returns with the involvement of debt securities.
  4. Franklin India High Growth Companies: This scheme as designed by Franklin India Mutual Funds, is an outperformer in the mutual fund investment market due to its high-yielding and well-diversified portfolio and proficient fund managers. It is offering 29.6% and 23.5% returns in the three- and five-year investment. It holds the second position under the ‘Diversified Equity’ category as per CRISIL rating and thus proves its efficiency in the market. It seeks to achieve capital growth with investments in Indian companies/sectors having high growth rates or potential.
  5. Kotak Select Focus Fund: It is one of the best mutual funds in India formulated to provide long-term capital growth to the investors by investing the funds in equity and related securities of some particularly focused sectors. It is a growth-oriented scheme and ranked first under the ‘Large-Cap’ category by CRISIL for the quarter ended in June 2016. The absolute annual returns of this strategy have reached up to 57.8% in 2014, which proves its efficiency of yielding excellent returns in the future as well.

Diwali being the most beautiful festival of India, when everywhere one sees sparkling candles and lights, is the time to take some fruitful decision as well. One must take a step forward every Diwali and make one’s future secure. The investments can brighten one’s future in the most effective manner, and hence they must be a part of Diwali shopping. You must buy any one of the equity funds mentioned above to make all your upcoming Diwali celebrations filled with joy, happiness and prosperity.

We, at MySIPonline.com, always wish you have a promising future ahead. We are ready to help you in all the ways in making a wise investment decision for a flourishing future ahead. Don’t spare your savings on useless things but buy a long-lasting investment scheme to illuminate and brighten up your life.