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Best Balanced Mutual Funds to Invest in India at MySIPonline

Check these best balanced mutual funds that can help you attaining both value and growth in the long term.
Balanced funds are the starter for almost all the investors who debut themselves in the world of mutual fund investments. Many existing investors also rely on balanced funds more than other categories because of their feature of providing benefits of both the other major categories in one investments.

To fetch the benefits of equity and attain growth in capital, one needs to invest in the equity mutual funds, whereas to reap income while playing safe on investment, the best choice is investing in debt funds. But, when you want to acquire both the benefits of growth and value, possibly you should have to invest in minimum two schemes of which one should be equity and the other be debt category. But no! Balanced funds category is helping millions of investors in this case. It allows you to attain a blend of both value and growth by investing only in one scheme of this category. In short, you can target to attain multiple benefits from one shot of investment. But, precisely, it provides you with a stable approach in traveling the path of wealth creation. Such that, the investors who have dream to create wealth but do not have the guts to go aggressive in investments, balanced funds are the honeydew for them.

If you are a conservative investor, then these funds can help you in creating wealth following a stable approach. Let’s check some of the best ones in this category:

  1. HDFC Balanced Fund: A four-star holder in the category of balanced mutual funds by CRISIL ratings for the quarter ended September 2017, this scheme of HDFC Mutual Fund is among the recommended funds by the financial experts. Moreover, this scheme is also recommended by the experts at MySIPonline as it has performed excellently and has recorded an amazing track record of historical performance graph. Being an equity-oriented hybrid scheme, it highly targets toward attaining high capital appreciation in the long term along with current income option from a mixed portfolio of equities and debts. The performance record of the past ten years of this scheme shows its great capacity to achieve high capital value in the long-term investment period. So, if you too have an objective to create long-term wealth, then this scheme can be the one of your choice. Check the scheme details as given below for more information: 
    Investment Details of the Scheme: HDFC Balanced
  2. L&T India Prudence Fund: One more gem in the category of hybrid schemes is L&T India Prudence Fund. It was launched in the year 2011, that is why it doesn’t have long past record. But, the performance of this scheme in the past seven years, i.e., almost from the beginning of 2012, was quite applaudable. A constant growth and income generating characteristic of this fund has been attracting many capital from many investors. Being a scheme under hybrid category, it provides solution to both the objectives of the investors, i.e., fetching growth and income option. Let’s check the investment details of this scheme to know whether it suits to your objectives or not: 
    Investment Details of the Scheme: L&T MF
  3. Aditya Birla Sun Life Balanced 95 Fund: One of the best performing schemes in the space of hybrid category, ABSL Balanced 95 Fund has managed to showcase excellent performance in recent years. The trailing returns of this scheme depicts its high rewardability. This scheme was launched in the year 1995, and has recorded return since launch at 21.12 %. Moreover, its historical performance graph shows its excellent capacity to attain high capital appreciation in the long term. Let’s check the investment details of this scheme to know more about it: 
    Investment Details of the Scheme: Aditya Birla MF

The above-mentioned three schemes of balanced category are among the best performers and under the experts’ recommendation. If you find any of these schemes matching to that of your investment objectives, then you too can plan to invest in them. For more detailed analysis, you must consult your financial advisor. And if you want to check more of the balanced fund schemes, then you can go through the best of the top AMCs in India at our portal, i.e., MySIPonline. So, take your call at the earliest to reap the benefits of early investment in mutual funds.

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