Sep 19, 2016 2 min read

Beat Inflation to Secure Retirement with Mutual Funds

Rising inflation always makes us worried. But by reading this blog, you would be able to conclude that how you can make the most of it and plan a wealthy retired age for yourself.
We all are aware of the effect of inflation which causes fall in the value of money over time. But have you ever thought how can you gain benefit from it? Here we are explaining you the concept of inflation and how to make the most of it.

What we save today will not be the same in values tomorrow, right? This is what we all know very well. But, if we say you can beat this effect, and in fact, take the benefit of the same? We are sure you would appreciate. So let us understand the whole philosophy of inflation and make out a solution to counter it.

You must have heard that investment is empowered to create wealth for oneself. This is true indeed. If it is made in the right way, it definitely yields something which is just unexpected. But, do you know investments can also beat the inflation hikes and provide you with the return irrespective of its effects? This is true.

The mutual fund investments in SIPs are the best example of the same. It is the most convenient way of creating a corpus for one’s future. You just need to put money in the schemes of mutual funds on a regular basis and it would fetch the desired returns in the future. This programme is designed keeping in mind the constituents of inflation and expected discount rates in the future. One need not worry about the hikes in the economy as one can play safe via SIP. The model of this plan is designed to work systematically in order to provide the return-oriented strategy, and this is the only reason, it has been successful in achieving the same.

How Can You Secure Your Retired Age?

The retirement age is the stage of life where we wish to live comfortably. For that, we need money which provides the requisite amenities. So, if you invest your fund in the SIP mutual funds, you would be able to earn hiking returns in the future and fulfil your desires. The SIP Calculator shall help you generate the exact value you need to invest now to achieve your set financial targets. This tool has been designed in an efficient manner keeping the inflation fluctuations in consideration and thus assures the results.

Suppose you are 32-year-old at present. If you start investing in the SIPs Rs.2500 every month for 30 years at an expected rate of 12.5%, then your total invested amount shall be Rs.7,20,000 and the returns fetched will be Rs.78,96,627. This amount you will get at your retired age, i.e., 62. And now, you can imagine how a small investment at present can help you live a rich retired life.

You can also compute the value as per your capacity of investing regularly and come out with the accurate income that shall be generated on the due date. In this manner, you can plan your retirement and lead a secure life.

So, if you want to counter the market fluctuations caused due to inflation rates, then you must buy a mutual fund SIP plan and ensure a flourishing future. We, at MySIPonline, are ready to help you out in the best possible manner. You must get associated with us to plan a worth living future.