Aug 22, 2016 3 min read

Balanced Funds: A Mixture of Capital Appreciation and Safety

An efficient investment plan always leads to financial soundness. And, efficacy is attained by maintaining a proper balance between different schemes. To know how you can reach your investment goals with Balanced Funds, this blog is a must read.
Do you want to counter market volatility? Do you wish to make an investment which is less prone to failure? If yes, then opt for the balanced funds for your portfolio.

How wonderful it would be, if we start creating our currencies. We would become extremely rich, isn’t it? But is it possible? Of course not! No one has the power of producing money except the government. But, if we cannot create currency we can try for multiplying the same, right?

Yes, with the help of investments we can transform the monies into wealth. As investing leads to creating a fortune for one’s life and if it is done with immense devotion, it can make him/her a wealthy person. We all are aware of the saying, “To succeed in our mission, we must have single-minded devotion towards goal.” In the case of investments as well, we must allocate all our resources to achieve the desired returns.

But, our efforts aren’t enough for attaining the aspiring results. Instead, we must have the correct sources which are goal-oriented. Whenever we put our monies into mutual fund programmes, we always find varied options for investing which have different features and offer various returns. And then, we make the choices as per our requirements. So, before putting the monies into any scheme, we must make sure that our choice is the best one. To cater the varied needs of investors, the balanced funds are formulated which aim to provide double benefits of regular income and capital appreciation.

Whenever we plan to make investments, we think twice before going further. The reason is the involvement of hard-earned monies which require an effective administration. We cannot put our capital into any scheme without being aware of its efficiency. The balanced funds provide an extreme management of the corpus by investing in equities and debt instruments simultaneously, and thus offer dual benefits to the investors.

The balanced funds have the capacity to counter the market volatility which is the biggest concern in the investment market. By diversifying the funds into different asset classes and furthermore into various sectors and industries, it offers an efficient management of the capital. By doing so, the monies become less prone to market ups and downs and do not lose their value. Hereunder, providing you with a list of top five balanced funds’ schemes which are performing competently in the market, and thus fulfilling the desires of various investors:

  • L&T India Prudence Fund (G): It is designed by the L&T mutual fund with an objective of providing greater returns and desirous growth. It has been ranked high by CRISIL and thus holds five-star ratings.
  • Franklin India Balanced Fund (G): This plan is formulated by a renowned brand Franklin Templeton mutual fund. It invests in both equities and debt instruments to provide a well-diversified portfolio.
  • Birla Sun Life 95 Fund (G): Being a product from the Birla Sun Life mutual fund, this scheme is aimed at offering higher returns with a fewer risk factors. It holds four-star ratings which show the efficacy of this investment strategy.
  • Tata Balanced Fund (G): A trusted scheme from a trusted Tata brand, this plan has been among the top-ranking funds since its inception. It is benefiting a large number of investors by offering the aspiring returns in a well-planned manner.
  • ICICI Prudential Balanced Advantage Fund (G): It is a scheme from ICICI mutual fund house, which is designed to catering the needs of different investors. It is among the top-performing schemes because of the nature of producing high returns with minimised risk.

Thus, an investor can enjoy the dual benefits that are offered by the balanced funds by opting for any of the best-performing schemes. As the funds are aimed at rewarding excellence in investments, the investors can find the best investment solution through them.

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