Jun 26, 2017 3 min read

Are you investing in the right mutual fund? Match your suitability

Know how accurate investment you have by matching your requirements with the traits of different funds.
Mutual funds have now become quite popular due to their very nature of creating wealth over time. However, it has to be understood by the investors that among a large number of schemes falling in different categories, one has to opt for the right plan to achieve one’s investment goals. Although it is quite difficult to make the best choice after analysing various parameters, certain basic factors are needed to be kept in mind which makes the entire process easier.

We are well aware that mutual fund investments are subject to market risk. Hence, we must opt for the fund after due diligence so that we don’t lack in gaining the desired goals. Now, the question is how to choose the best fund, and know which fund is perfect for me. For that, we have the best solution here.

If You Want Capital Growth with High Risk - Go for Equities

Wealth building is not more a difficult task as mutual funds have simplified it with the launch of equity mutual fund schemes. The investors having capital appreciation as the primary objective, and can bear considerable risk appetite should park their hard-earned money in the equity plans. They appreciate the worth of your invested capital and help you lead your investments in the best possible manner with the growing equity market.

If You Want Safety of Funds and Regular Income - Opt for Debts

Wondering regular income? Want to attain financial stability? Debt funds are the solution. These mutual fund plans are the ones which aim to fulfil the requirement of consistent returns by generating interest income for the investors. They invest in the debt instruments like corporate bonds, commercial papers, treasury bills, government securities, etc., which are safe enough and provide fixed income to a great extent with least risk factors.

If Easy Cash Convertibility is Your Need - Liquid Funds are the Best

Uncertainty never comes after informing. So, we must have adequate reserves to meet the sudden events in life to stay away from the burden of credits. We often put our surplus money in the savings bank account which in turn provides us with a high degree of security and income over a period of time. But, do you know mutual funds have an even better solution! It is a liquid fund. Just like savings bank account the schemes in liquid fund category also provide safety and a high degree of liquidity without any extra expenditure. Moreover, the returns offered by these schemes are even more than the bank accounts. So you can opt for these plans to meet uncertain situations easily.

If You are New & Want Balanced Growth - Invest in Hybrid Schemes

The first-time investors often wonder whether to invest in the mutual fund schemes or not. The reason being is that they find them quite risky which is a fact indeed. But, for such first-time investors, the hybrid or balanced mutual funds are the perfect solution. They not only provide safety through debt investments but help in gaining growth in capital through the equity funds. They are basically the mix of equities & debts and provide the advantage of both the worlds.

So with this, you must have understood that investing in the mutual fund is not a tough job. You just have to find the best plan for your requirements and start your journey in the best possible way. Be sure of where to park your money, and your goals will be met just like that.

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