Feb 01, 2017 3 min read

Are You a First Time Investor? Here are the Best Mutual Funds

This blog entails all the best mutual fund plans to invest in for the first-time investors of mutual funds. It further explains the reasons for opting for those schemes.
Are you going to invest for the first time in mutual funds? If yes, then do you know what mutual fund investments are? Have you ever thought of the traits that the best investment should have? If not, then here some advices from the funds’ experts.

Usefulness, simplified and easy execution are the qualities which your first fund investment must have. For the first time investors, equities are recommended to be the most effective investment avenue. The reason being is that they don’t have any equity investment at all, and since, equity funds are the best form of long-term investments, every investor must have these funds in their portfolio.

Though for every new investor, the type of mutual funds differ as per their investment criterion, there are some avenues which are suitable for everyone. Just because equity funds have their own advantage and are a must-have for a portfolio, for the first time investors risk appetite also needs to be managed accordingly. Hence, the large-cap funds on the one hand and balanced funds, on the other hand, are the best avenues for first-time investors seeking growth. Here is the list of best mutual funds to invest in India for every investor who is going to invest for the first time:

  1. ICICI Prudential Balanced Fund
  2. Birla Sun Life 95 Fund
  3. Franklin India Bluechip Fund
  4. HDFC Top 200 Fund
  5. HDFC Balanced Fund

These schemes are among the balanced fund and large-cap categories of mutual funds which have been selected keeping various parameters in mind, which are as under:

Asset Management Company: The schemes as mentioned above are designed by the fund managers of some of the top AMCs in India. ICICI Mutual Funds, Birla Sun Life MF, Franklin Templeton & HDFC Mutual Funds are rated to be some of the most effective and efficient fund houses which are providing greatest benefits to the investors with their funds.

Asset Under Management: The AUM managed by all these schemes are greater which proves their effectiveness of holding a huge share in the market and trust among various investors. These schemes have been managing high worth of capital of a large number of investors and providing them maximum possible returns and other benefits.

Exposure to Equity & Debt: As we have read above that equity exposure is quite important for every investor, and as the risk profile of the newbie investor is generally low, these schemes have been recommended. They possess the qualities of both the funds and provide full exposure to equity and debt simultaneously. The investors need not worry about their funds, as they are managed in a balanced form.

Expert Fund Manager: The fund managers of the AMCs whose schemes have been listed here are highly professional and experienced. They have designed the portfolio of theses schemes keeping all the major parameters in mind and thus aim to provide high worth to the invested capital of newbie investors.

With this, the investors who are new to the mutual fund market can build a productive portfolio. The returns offered by all these schemes are risk-adjusted, and thus, investors can ensure stability in income as well. Being a newbie investor is a challenge as well as an opportunity. You just need to make the right selection and invest in the right scheme at the appropriate time and the mutual fund will offer you whatever you desire.

So if you are a first-time investor and are unaware of the investment schemes, then no need to worry upon anything. These schemes are the most promising ones, and are the adequate options for your portfolio to get started. Moreover, if you need further assistance, MySIPonline & its team is always ready to serve you better.