Feb 10, 2017 2 min read

3 Best Retirement Funds from Franklin Templeton Mutual Fund

Investors looking for retirement planning must have the best funds in their portfolio. Read this blog to know some from Franklin MF.
If you have been planning for investments to avail the retirement benefits, then now you have the option to get started now. The mutual funds in India offer the products which tend to provide the best solutions for your retirement needs and will help you live your future in a relaxed way. So you do not need to worry about your retired life anymore, make a start right away by investing in the mutual funds.

Top performing Franklin Templeton Mutual Fund house in India offers mutual fund solutions to the investors to accomplish their goals. Here are the three best retirement funds from Franklin MF for you to plan your future in the right way. These funds are recommended by our fund analysts after doing in-depth research.

1. Franklin India Bluechip Fund

This product is suitable for the investors who are seeking long-term capital appreciation with investments made majorly in the large-cap stocks. It is an open-ended growth scheme which aims to provide medium to long-term capital growth to the investors. With investments made in the large-cap companies, the scheme ensures consistency in returns while preserving the invested capital, and thus, the retirement corpus is safely procured. This scheme holds a remarkable position in the market with ‘Third’ rank in large-cap category as per CRISIL rating. The overall returns are sustainable, and the scheme is the best for consistent returns over long-term for retirement goals.

2. Franklin India High Growth Fund

It is an open-ended diversified equity fund which aims at providing capital appreciation to the investors by investing the funds in the high-growth potential companies across different sectors. Being a diversified plan, the risk associated with the investments is quite low while the returns are extremely higher which benefit the investors in the long run in their retirement. Moreover, the scheme is ranked ‘Third’ in the diversified equity category which denotes the overall market position of the same. The returns on investments have been remarkable which are over 30% in the three-year investment horizon.

3. Franklin India Prima Fund

The investors with a little higher risk profile and having long-term investment tenure can opt for this product. It tends to offer appreciation in the capital of the investors by investing the funds in the small- and mid-cap companies. These companies help in generating extraordinary returns in the long run. The scheme is ranked ‘Third’ in the small- and mid-cap category by CRISIL which is evident of its overall market holding. The scheme is offering greater returns in long-term investments which are around 33.8% for three years. Accordingly, the retirement goals can be accomplished by opting for this plan for the portfolio.

Retirement Planning is one of the important financial goals which must be started by every individual in his/her career. With the rise in life expectancy due to medical science advancement, better nutrition and living standards, a certain capital is required at the time of retirement to live it comfortably. These retirement funds from Franklin Templeton Mutual Funds would be of great help to you for making your retired life worth living. Hence, you must opt for anyone of them to start your retirement planning now.

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