Best IDFC Mutual Fund schemes

Struggling to choose the best IDFC mutual fund to invest? Well, you have landed on the right page. Our financial gurus and market analysts leave no stone unturned in suggesting the top performing IDFC mutual funds to the clients. These mutual funds of IDFC will surely help you in maintaining an equilibrium between growth and stability.

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Best IDFC Mutual Funds to Invest for a Promising Tomorrow

Many investors take our 24*7 customer assistance and ask our financial experts to provide suggestion to their queries, like “Which is the best IDFC mutual funds to invest?” “ What are some of the top performing IDFC mutual funds?” etc. Well, there is no definite answer to these questions as the choice of the top mutual fund of IDFC depends on the risk appetite, suitability, and time horizon of an investor. But, here at MySIPonline, we aim to provide assistance to all kind of investors. Therefore, our market experts have listed the top IDFC mutual funds to invest for high returns. Thus, according to your convenience you can choose the best mutual fund.

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Best IDFC Mutual Funds to Invest in Equity Category

Equity funds or stock market funds invest in the shares of the companies. The performance and growth of an equity fund is directly proportional to the performance and growth of the company. Based on the market capitalization, companies are divided into three caps, i.e, small, mid, and large cap companies. These funds are riskier than the other type of funds but at the same time provide more returns than the others.

  1. IDFC Infrastructure Fund
    This equity scheme is a sector-oriented fund that focuses on infrastructure related companies. The ever growing infrastructural sector plays a major role in the economy of India. Thus, if you are looking for a sectoral fund then this fund will be suitable for achieving your future returns.
  2. IDFC Large Cap Fund
    This fund aims to provide consistent returns to the investors. The fund also diversifies the assets moderately into mid cap and small cap companies along with large cap companies.
  3. IDFC Multi Cap Fund
    Launched on 15th September, 2015, this scheme focuses on wealth creation by investing in a combination of small cap, mid cap, and large cap companies. The mid cap companies are less risky than the pure mid cap and small cap funds.
  4. IDFC Tax Advantage Fund
    This ELSS scheme can help you in saving up to 1.5 Lac along with giving healthy returns in the long term investment prospective. Start your SIP in this scheme now to reduce your tax liability.

Best Performing IDFC Mutual Funds in Debt Category

Want to enjoy stable returns but afraid of market volatility? Well, Debt mutual funds can solve your problem. These mutual funds aims to provide interest income and capital appreciation to the investors by investing in securities like government bonds, corporate bonds, treasury bills, etc. These securities have low risk associated with them which makes them a perfect choice for diversifying your portfolio.

  1. IDFC Dynamic Bond Fund
    Having “dynamic” in it’s name, the scheme leaves no stone unturned in providing positive returns to the investors using unique and dynamic investment style. The past performance of this mutual fund plan is very promising which makes it a suitable option to be included in your portfolio.
  2. IDFC Banking & PSU Debt Fund
    It invests in the debt instruments of the commercial bonds. Moreover, the fund also invests some proportion of the assets in the money market instruments. If you have a low risk appetite then you should consider this scheme to enhance your portfolio.
  3. IDFC Corporate Bond Fund
    The scheme made it’s debut on 11th January, 2016. The fund aims to generate capital appreciation by investing in the corporate debt securities and other fixed income securities.

Top Schemes of IDFC Mutual Fund in Hybrid Category

Want to enjoy good returns of equity market and low risk of debt mutual funds? Well, Hybrid Fund is a perfect blend of equity and debt instruments. These funds uses dynamic asset allocation strategy to diversify the portfolio. When the market valuations are high, they shift their allocation more towards debt instruments, and when the market valuations are low, they concentrate the assets towards the equity market and buy large number of units at low NAVs. In this way, they utilize market volatility as an opportunity.

  1. IDFC Regular Savings Fund
    Earlier known as IDFC Monthly Income Plan Regular, the scheme invests in a mixture of equities and debt instruments. This scheme uses dynamic allocation strategy to generate returns by minimizing the risk.
  • 100% Paperless
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Advantages of Starting SIP in Top Performing IDFC Mutual Funds

Diversified Portfolio- Fund managers leaves no stone unturned in maintaining a diversified portfolio. The major aim of the AMC is to optimize the risk and capitalize the returns.

Consistent Performer- Almost all the schemes of IDFC MF have been a consistent performer in terms of growth. The AMC never failed to meet the expectations of the investors.

Experienced Fund Manager- Highly experienced fund managers are the assets of the company. They are capable enough to predict the market conditions beforehand, and implement good investment strategy to provide healthy returns in the long term.

If in case you are still facing difficulty to choose the best IDFC mutual funds to invest your money, you can take help from our financial experts. Contact our experts at +91-9660032889 dissolving your queries.

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