Reliance Growth Fund: Enriching Investment Portfolio

Reliance Growth Fund is an open-ended scheme, which falls under the diversified equity category. It was launched on September 8, 1995, with the primary objective of achieving long-term growth of capital. To accomplish the set target, it has invested the funds in the equity and related instruments through a research-based investment approach. With a minimum amount of Rs.5000, one can start investing in this mutual fund programme. It also provides SIP to make the process even more convenient.

Reliance Growth Fund G, being a product from Reliance Mutual Funds, has gained significant market possession. It has been offering exceptional returns since its inception due to which it is among the most preferred strategies. It has an exit load of 2%(as on September 30, 2016) only which makes it cost efficient as well, and henceforth beneficial for the investors in every aspect. So, let us take an overview of this mutual fund investment programme to determine whether it is suitable for the portfolio or not.

Reliance Growth G Plan: Investment Strategy

This aims at offering capital growth to the investors by investing the funds in the diversified sectors of the industries. The fund manager conducts a proper research of the market and selects such corporates for equity investment which could yield the aspiring profits. Sunil Singhania, the current fund manager of this scheme, has an eagle eye with which he grabs the best opportunities of the industry to offer maximum benefits to the investors. One can easily compute the returns of reliance growth fund scheme using the SIP calculator before taking the decision of investing in it.

Reliance Growth Fund Growth : Portfolio Review

With an asset size of Rs.5,784 crore as on August 31, 2016, it has allocated 96.48% of the funds in the equities while the remaining 3.22% in cash and call instruments. The allocation has been more efficient by making wide diversification of the capital in several sectors, which include financial, chemicals, construction, FMCG, diversified and many others. The average market capitalisation of this fund is Rs.20,755.87 as against 164,430.65 of its benchmark and Rs.15,486.90 of its category. The holdings of reliance growth fund strategy include UPL, HCL Technologies, Aditya Birla Nuvo, Muthoot Finance, State Bank of India and many more.

Performance Analysis of Reliance Growth Fund G

It is quite essential to take a glance at the track performance of the reliance fund growth scheme before making it a choice for investment. Here we have provided the specifications of the performance traits of this plan that would be helpful for you in making a selection.

Reliance Growth Fund’s NAV as on October 14, 2016, amounts Rs.919.2339. This scheme holds one of the highest NAVs in the industry, which is the proof of its remarkable performance. Furthermore, the absolute annual returns generated by this programme in 2012 and 2014 were 37.5% and 53.9%, respectively. It is ranked third under the ‘Diversified Equity funds’ category by CRISIL for the quarter ended in June 2016.

It is offering annualised returns of 26.8% and 17.2% for the three- and five-year investment, as against 13.2% and 11.3% benchmark. Accordingly, it has an outstanding track record, which shows its proficiency of yielding the desired returns.

In accordance with the above-mentioned description of the Reliance Growth Fund, it can be evaluated here that this mutual fund programme shall offer definite returns if the investors have a long-term investment horizon and want to put their money in the diversified scheme.

In addition, we would also want to let you know that by making an reliance growth fund SIP, you would be able to fetch many other benefits that include compounding and averaging cost. So, instead of thinking anymore, you must make the investment in this plan right away to secure your future ahead. Plan your investment in mutual funds and lead path towards brighter future.

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