Mar 24, 2017 2 min read

Five Top-Rated Equity Mutual Funds for Risk-Takers

If you can bear medium to high risk on your portfolio to earn maximum income and capital growth, then these funds are the best ones for you.
If you believe in high-risk high profits and can take on a little more risk for earning wealth, then here we have the best recommendations for your equity investments. Our fund analysts have made in-depth research and evaluated the mindset of various investors to provide the list of the best equity funds for the high-risk investors.

The following funds are listed on the basis of two months return analysis conducted by our experts for the months of January and February. Have a look at the returns which are offered by the schemes in just two months of January and February, 2017.

1. DSP BlackRock Opportunities Fund

By offering returns at the rate of 10.75 in the last two months, this scheme holds the first rank in our fund recommendations. It is an open-ended diversified equity scheme which aims to achieve capital appreciation through investments in Indian companies or sectors with high-growth potential. The secondary objective of the scheme is to provide income stability by distributing dividends from an equity-oriented portfolio.

2. Reliance Small Cap Fund

This scheme has offered returns of 10.57% in the last two months and has secured the second position in our listing. Being a small- and mid-cap equity plan, it aims to generate long-term capital growth by investing predominantly in the equity and equity-related securities of small-sized companies. On the other hand, the secondary objective of the reliance small cap fund scheme is to provide consistent returns with investments in the debt and money market securities.

3. Kotak Emerging Equity Fund

The last two months returns of the scheme are 12.38%, and it holds the third position in the list of our top recommended equity funds. The scheme is a small- and mid-cap plan which tends to generate long-term capital appreciation from a portfolio of equity and equity-related securities of small- and mid-cap companies.

4. Franklin India Smaller Companies Fund

It has offered returns of 9.83% in the last two months, and as per our expert analysis, it is a high-yielding fund. The primary objective of this open-ended diversified scheme is to provide long-term capital appreciation by investing majorly in the stocks of small- and mid-cap companies.

These funds have been recommended by our experts after doing research in the market. It has been evaluated that if investors had invested in the month of December 2016, they would have earned tremendous income without compromising on their invested capital.

The aggressive investors who can bear high-risk on their investments earn great values due to the high-risk high-returns factors. These recommended funds by our experts can also help you in gaining higher profits. You just need to opt for the best plan for your portfolio as per your requirements.

Our fund analysts can help you in selecting the right scheme for your portfolio to help you fulfil your financial dreams by earning wealth. MySIPonline and its team are always ready to serve your investing needs. You must get associated with us right away to find the suitable plan for your investing goals.