Mar 10, 2017 3 min read

Celebrate Holi By Adding Colours to Your Mutual Fund Portfolio

The festival of colours, i.e, Holi has come and now is the time to celebrate it in a smarter way. Ensure a safe financial future this Holi by making investments in mutual fund plans.
And here comes the most awaited day of the year. It’s Holi! So, what plans do you have for celebrating this festival of colours? Are you ready with the set of different colours, sweets and other things that you would require to play Holi safely? Of course, you would be, as you waited for a complete year to celebrate this day. Holi is considered the festival that brings colours to the life. But do you know you can add those brightening and lovely colours to your investments as well? Let’s have a look which colours you can add to your portfolio this Holi to make your financial life colourful.

Add Green to Your Portfolio: The Colour of Debt

The colour green is the colour of balance, and in the case of mutual funds, investments debt is considered to be a balancing fund. The low-risk Debt investment such as corporate fixed deposits, debt mutual funds, bonds and NCDs help in keeping the portfolio safe even in the volatile times. So you must add the colour of balance, i..e, green to your portfolio by investing in debt funds to provide safety to the invested capital and attain financial stability.

Add Pink to Your Portfolio: The Colour of Equity

Keeping equity funds in the investment portfolio would be highly beneficial for the investors to make their financial life secure. You can add this colour by making investments in the equity funds, stocks and shares of the companies. With this, you will not only earn the benefit of capital appreciation but also would be able to achieve your financial goals with ease.

Gain the Benefit of Diversification

Diversifying funds lead to enhancing the returns and minimising the risk factors. By adding different colours of debts and equities to your portfolio, you can reduce the risk of losing capital and gain extraordinary returns. This will further help you in creating wealth for the future along with earning financial stability with the debt investments.

Holi being the festival of sharing happiness and spreading love and richness teaches us different lessons as well. So you must take a view over the three best lessons which we must learn from this festival of colours.

Three Investment Lessons From Holi

  • Banishing the Evil of Debts:- Holi is the celebration of the victory of goodness over evil which is celebrated by burning ‘Holika’. We all clean our houses and streets on the eve of Holi and rejoice in the burning of Holika. Similarly, we must take a pledge this time that we will get rid of the burden of debts which is impacting our CIBIL score negatively.
  • Reaping the Sweetness of Wise Investments:- All the Indian festivals are celebrated with special food recipes and sweets. On Holi, we eat gujiyas, shakkar paare, phirnis and thandai. These delicacies not only add values to the feeling of festiveness but teaches us a financial lesson. You must reap the best benefits of investments which you made in the past and give yourself the feel of being special. You might utilise the profits earned either for the purpose buying your favourite gadgets, or you may take your family for a short vacation.
  • Diversification to Prosper:- On the festival of Holi, we celebrate the day by making use of various colours and shades. This makes the festival more beautiful and colourful which is the only essence of this festival. In the case of investment as well, you can add different funds which are symbolised by various colours to give your investment portfolio more worth of appreciating the capital.

Accordingly, the festival of colours has come to make your life colourful. You must take the financial lessons from the same and add various colours to your investment portfolio to lead towards a secure financial future.

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