- 10 Sep, 2018

What is the right time to invest in mutual funds?

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Kartik Gupta

23 March, 2019

“Right Time” is a myth my friend. Instead, utilize the time and make it right. We live in the 21st century but as per my knowledge, by far no theory or a math formula has been invented that can answer your question.

On a serious note, market keeps fluctuating and an investor that utilizes this volatility only climbs the pyramid of returns. 

Let me suggest you a good investment strategy separately for lumpsum investment and SIP. 

For Lumpsum

Market Downtrend- During this phase market crashes and the share price of big companies shatters. Use this opportunity to buy large number of units of highly potential companies and wait for the company to recover the crisis.

For implementing this strategy perfectly, never pool the whole amount in lump sum investment. Instead save some money to buy funds when the market reaches the new low.  

Market Uptrend- If you have already invested your money during market uptrend then be ready to enjoy the fruitful results. Also, if you are willing to park your cash during the same situation then you might also get benefited as the market can maintain its steady growth. 


This method of investment has nothing to do with market fluctuations. You invest your money periodically in a scheme and the fund managers continue to buy equities. This however, reduces the rupee-cost averaging.

Hope it helped. Happy Investment!

Diya Verma

30 November, 2018

I think you are asking about the right age to start investing in the mutual funds. If yes, then remember- It’s never too late to mend! Thus, there is no right age to invest in mutual fund. No matter, if you are a college student, working professional or a retired government servant, you can start your investment journey anytime. Personally, I feel that an individual should always start early to enjoy the long term gains.

Haste Makes Waste!- Nah.... not in the case of mutual funds.

P.S.- Sorry if I misinterpreted your question.

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