- 22 Mar, 2019

My mutual fund portfolio is not giving good returns? What should I do?

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Kamlesh Gyani

18 April, 2019

Without knowing your exact portfolio, it is quite difficult to answer your question. But let me try...

Mainly, generation of negative returns happens due to two main reasons, firstly because of false selection of the mutual funds and secondly due to the market volatility.

Let’s discuss each of the reasons one by one-

False Selection of Schemes- Review your portfolio and check the performance of the schemes. Analyze the allocation of portfolio and sector to decide the recovery rate of the scheme. If the scheme shows no sign of improvement then it’s the time to exclude it from the portfolio. You can add new plans according to the correct market conditions. It is indeed a good approach to review your portfolio regularly and re-balance it at the same time.

Market Volatility-

Fluctuation in the market is another reason of poor returns. In such case, you can use different investment strategies to minimize the loss of money. Utilize the opportunity of market volatility and buy large number of units at low NAV’s when the market is down, this will help you in generating good returns when the market will start recover in the future.

Udit Desai

11 April, 2019

I would suggest you to wait for long time. Ploughing money in mutual funds is a good investment strategy only when you are investing with the long term investment prospective. Furthermore, market generally bounce back after having an unstable phase. Thus, give it some more time. But make sure that your schemes are top ranked.

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